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What is an Agent?

The Agent can access to the Motion Web GUI and Motion Phonebar in order to manage the interactions with customers, according to the assigned Channels and Queues.

You need one license for each concurrent Agent logged in the system.

What is a User?

User accounts designed for supervisors and administrators. The user can access to the Motion Web GUI in order to manage the assigned Channel Queues and Modules (i.e. Analytics).

You need one license for each configured User.

One free supervisor user license will be included every 10 agent licenses you buy!

What is a Telephone/PBX Extension?

A PBX Extension is a pure SIP Extension for in/out calls (no Agent customer care features are included).

If you use a Telephone account, you will just be able to place out calls and receive incoming calls without any queuing and call center features.

You need one license for each configured Telephone.

What are the available Channels?

Voice, Web Chat, Email, SMS are included in the Omni-Gold and Ultimate plans. Additional Channels you can request: Fax and Open Channel API.


What are the available Modules?

  • Cally Square IVR Designer
  • Contact Management
  • Motion Dialer
  • JScripty

What are the available Features?

  • Call Recording
  • Whisper and Barge-in
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • API
  • ...

See here all the Features.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept Paypal and Bank transfer.

Voice traffic is included?

No, XCALLY is a telco-independent solution. Voice traffic is charged and billed separately by the Voice Provider / Carrier of your choice and in accordance with their terms and conditions.

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