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Table of Contents

Create a new User

To create a new User just click on New User and fill the form shown in the image below:

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Let’s focus on the main fields:

  • Username and Password will be used by the User to login into the system;
  • If you want to create an Admin User you have to select “yes” in the Admin field; 
  • You should set the Status on Active;
  • In the Module Permissions you can select which of the xCally Shuttle sections can be viewed 
    and managed by the User.
  • The Delete Enable field will affect the Delete actions on the Shuttle sections managed by the Users (also on Analytics, from the version 2.4.48). For example:
  • SelectYes in the Enable Reset Stats field if you want the User can perform this operation on the Dashboard
  • The Hangup Enable field allows the User to hangup a call in the realtime dialplan environment
  • Enable Force Logout allows the Users to log the Agents out in the realtime environment
  • Recording Download allows the User to download the recordings

Manage Users Permissions

It’s possible to define different Users Permissions: each supervisor user will be able to see just the reports and real time info related to the assigned Queues and Agents.

The Permissions Section contains the list of all the Agents and all the Queues. From these lists you can select which Agents and Queues can be managed by the supervisor, simply by clicking on their name. If the association User-Agent or User-Queue has been made correctly, you will see the positive feedback on the Results section, on the right of the screen.

To delete a User-Queue or User-Agent association simply click on the name of the Queue or of the Agent in the Access List.