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Version 2.4.89



  • Added show_phonebar_settings column in core table
  • Added row in buildings table for show_phonebar_settings property


  • [SH-275] [XS-1749] Added Show Phonebar Settings as Default settings

Version 2.4.88



  • [SH-267] [XS-188] Fixed issue using Custom Fields for Zendesk integration


  • Added include_default_tags column in integrations table


  • [SH-271] Added possibility to disable default tags for Zendesk integration

Version 2.4.87


  • [SH-258] Updated integration data management for UPB Triggers
  • [SH-251] Fixed Enable Delete feature in Dialplan (Internal, External and Outbound) sections

Version 2.4.86

titleRelease Notes

The Check previous password feature is released as disabled (it can be changed in the General Settings / Security) for all existing installations updates.



  • Added password_history column in agents table
  • Added password_history column in users table
  • Added last_password_check column in core table
  • Added row in buildings table for last_password_check property


  • [SH-242] Password policy improvements: added check on last X passwords ( is required)

Version 2.4.85


  • [SH-256] Fixed agent login issue (penalty not set)
  • [SH-243] Disabled download option in HTML audio element
  • [SH-231] Improved check for username during User and Agent creation
  • [SH-253] Wrong CTI variables with UPB integration



Version 2.4.84


  • [SH-238] Updated ai_queue_log trigger to fix long pause status issue

  • [SH-241] Improved /api/auth/local and /api/agents/login endpoint management


  • Updated ai_queue_log trigger


  • [SH-159] Added possibility to configure mysql configuration parameter (connectionLimit, acquireTimeout and connectionTimeout)

Version 2.4.83



  • [SH-205] Fixed issue on /api/agents endpoint if there is at least one agent without associated sip account or same sip account used by multiple agents
  • [SH-224] Fixed Web Login parameter check if the agent is already logged

  • [SH-225] Improved AMI connection during login/logout procedure
  • [SH-229] Improved /api/auth/local/api/agents/login and /api/agents endpoint response
  • [SH-232] Fixed variable resolution on Phonebar trigger execution
  • [SH-233] Updated ai_queue_log trigger to fix long pause status issue

  • [SH-234] Fixed issue in Zendesk integration (TypeError: Cannot read property 'headers' of undefined)


  • Updated ai_queue_log trigger

  • Added remote_control and remote_control_port columns in agents table

  • Added row in buildings table for remote_control and remote_control_port properties

  • Added remote_control and remote_control_port columns in core table


  • [SH-236] Added possibility to enable/disable Remote Control for Agent

Version 2.4.82



  • [SH-210] Fixed EXTRAVAR variable management for Universal Phonebar

  • [SH-214] Fixed issue with Zendesk integration when agent and/or customer is undefined

  • [SH-222] Added phoneBarRemoteControlPort property during Agent login with Universal Phonebar

  • [SH-220] Updated password regular expression for User and Agent accounts


  • Updated default value for secure_password_pattern column in core table


  • [SH-223] Added Login Cleaner feature run every 30 minutes (if enabled)

Version 2.4.81



usertracking table will not be available starting from this version


  • [SH-216] Moved Recording Download parameter to Default section


  • Updated the buildings table to move the Recording Download parameter to the correct section

  • Added column staff_id in agents table

  • Added row in buildings table for staff_id, password_expires_days and max_login_attempts properties

  • Changed type for password_reset_at column in agents and user tables


  • [SH-215] Added Staff ID property in Agent settings

  • Added Password Expiration property in Settings section

  • [SH-207] Enforce account lockout on failed login attempts

Version 2.4.80




usertracking table will be deprecated starting from version 2.4.81


Version 2.4.79



  • [SH-211] Fixed issue on pause switching using Universal Phonebar (previous pause not correctly closed)


  • Added phonebar_auto_updater column in core table

  • Added phonebar_auto_updater_url column in core table

  • Added phonebar_remember_me column in core table

  • Added rows in buildings table for phonebar_auto_updaterphonebar_auto_updater_url and phonebar_remember_me


  • [SH-209] Added possibility to enable/disable the automatic search for updates on Universal Phonebar 1

  • [SH-212] Added possibility to enable/disable the Remember me function on Universal Phonebar 1

  • [SH-202] Added last login information in Agents section 2

It requires at least version of XCALLY Universal Phonebar

2 XCALLY Universal Bar is required

Version 2.4.78



  • Improved login procedure to manage concurrent multiple login

  • [SH-205] Fixed issue on /api/agents endpoint if there is at least one agent without associated sip account


  • Added recording_download column in users table

  • Added recording_download column in core table

  • Added recording_download column in agents table


  • [SH-201] Added possibility to enable/disable recordings download for Users and Agents

Version 2.4.77



  • [SH-195] Fixed pagination issue on Agents/Queues panel in Dashbaord and Realtime sections

  • [SH-197] Fixed wrong MOH time with Blind Transfer


  • Updated ai_queue_log trigger

Version 2.4.76



  • [SH-188] Fixed Phonebar integrations compatibility with XCALLY Universal Bar

  • [SH-193] Fixed issue on Sounds section if there is at least one entry without associated user

  • [SH-192] Fixed issue on Analytics section if there is at least one agent without associated sip account

  • Fixed issue on HOLD status in Dashboard and Realtime sections ( is required)


  • Added Default Browser application for Phonebar integration

Version 2.4.75



  • Improved scheduled pause management

  • [SH-179] Improved application logs for Zendesk integration

  • [SH-181] Increased characters limit on SMS messages

  • Fixed issue with SmartACW and AutoPause (pause type not displayed) with xCALLY Universal Bar

  • [SH-191] Fixed issue with agent license usage with XCALLY Universal Phonebar


  • Updated indexes on agent_log_cache table

  • Updated ai_queue_log trigger

  • Added secure_connection_key and secure_connection_cert columns in core table

  • Updated tab column in buildings table


  • Added Security tab under Settings - General section

  • Added Private Key and Certificate settings under Settings - General - Security section

  • [SH-184] Added check on Agent login to avoid concurrent multiple login

Version 2.4.74


titleXCALLY Universal Bar

From this version, the XCALLY Shuttle release is compatible with xCally Universal Bar, which derived from our newest platform named Motion (V.1 and V.2).

This will be the Phone bar long-term version, including features like Security Management and Password Change (GDPR Compliant). 

More features will follow in the next future and this program will shortly become the only Agent Windows Phonebar for all our XCally Server Platforms. 

titleRelease Notes

The Security Suite feature is released as disabled (it can be changed in the General Settings) for all existing installations updates.

For all previously created UsersAdministrators and Agents accounts, the system will use the release update timestamp as the date and time of the password last change: if you enable the Security Suite it will be used as the starting date for automatic password expiration (90 days after change).

For all UsersAdministrators and Agents accounts, created after the update:

  • if the Security Suite is enabled, at the first login all the accounts will have to change their passwords (following the security rules): the new password will last 90 days.
  • if the Security Suite is disabled, the passwords will never expire and will have no constraint.


  • Improved application logs for Zendesk integration

  • Fixed issue on TLS support for Zendesk integration
  • Fixed issue on Tags property for Outbound triggers


  • Added password_reset_at column in agents table
  • Added password_reset_at column in users table
  • Added password_expires_days in core table


  • Added reset password at first login for Users, Administrators and Agents*
  • Added password expirations for Users, Administrators and Agents*
  • Improved Change Password for Users and Administrators

*Agent GUI or xCally Universal Bar is required

Version 2.4.73



  • Improved switch pause management

  • Improved application logs for Zendesk integration

  • Fixed issue on delete Recordings entries


  • Added web_login column in core table

  • Added web_login column in agents table

  • Added row for web_login in buildings table


  • Added Web Login option in Agent Settings

Version 2.4.72



  • Removed Recordings Bulk Delete for Agents

  • Removed input mask for Host property in Create/Edit Database connection in Cally Square projects

  • Improved scheduled pause management

Version 2.4.71



  • Added option to delete the associated SIP on agent delete


  • Added delete_sip_on_delete_agent column in core table
  • Added row for delete_sip_on_delete_agent in buildings table


  • Fixed agent search by email in Zendesk integration

Version 2.4.70



  • Added Login Cleaner 

  • Added Audio Player as CM Custom Field Type


  • Added enable_login_cleaner column in core table 
  • Added row for enable_login_cleaner in buildings table

Version 2.4.69



  • Improvements on customer search for Salesforce integration


  • Added module_search, fields_search and enable_link_on_multiple_match in integrations table


  • Fixed issue in User change password

Version 2.4.68



  • Added column idletime_queuename in core table

  • Added sl2, sp2, st2 and agent_timing views


  • [SH-138] Fixed trunk encryption

  • [SH-139] Fixed CallerID update in Trunk settings

Version 2.4.67



  • Added Change Password for Users
  • Added match_result variable to store customer match result for Salesforce integration


  • Removed unnecessary blank space during License Code apply action

Version 2.4.66



  • Added Enable Create for Customer Not Found option for Salesforceintegration


  • Added enable_create in table integrations


  • Fixed MOH Reference in Edit Modal

Version 2.4.65



  • Updated API version for Freshdesk integration

  • Added Seach by email feature for Freshdesk integration


  • Fixed Check Connection issue with Freshdesk account

Version 2.4.64



  • Added Force Logout feature for Admin/User in the Real-Time/Agents section:

  • Added possibility to Suspend an Agent***


    *** The option is automatically added in the new Shuttle installation, to make it available in the Shuttle update, please follow these steps:

    1. Update the server to 2.4.64 release
    2. Edit the file /etc/asterisk/res_xcalld.conf and replace the query in the last row with the following:  

      query = SELECT view_peers.* FROM view_peers WHERE BINARY Peer = '%s' AND BINARY Secret = '%s' AND BINARY Active = 1

    3. Save the file and restart the asterisk service (command "service asterisk restart")


  • Added column enable_force_logout in table users

  • Added column active in table agents

  • Updated view_peers view

  • Updated agent_update trigger

Bug fix

  • Fixed INVALID LICENSE error in Phonebar

  • Fixed Database deadlock during Agent save action

Version 2.4.63



  • Added Sort feature for Agent Name and Queue in Realtime Agent (General) and Dashboard (Agent)

  • Added Status filter in Dashboard (Agent)

  • Added Token Access for Zendesk integration

  • Added Zendesk Ticket ID in call_log table


  • Added access_type column in integrations table

  • Added zd_token column in integrations table

  • Added ticket_id column in call_log table

  • Updated ai_queue_log trigger

Version 2.4.62



  • Added MOH trace for Inbound Queue Calls: this feature is available if the res_top module is disabled in Asterisk

  • Added information in Zendesk log for Ticket created and Ticket displayed request

  • Hidden Password in Agent settings


  • Updated type field for Agent Password in table buildings

  • Updated ai_queue_log trigger for MOH trace feature

Bug fix

  • Updated SIP secret during Agent Change Password action

Version 2.4.61



  • Added HOLD in status filter in Realtime Agent - General section

  • Added the possibility to display all Agents in Realtime Agent - General section

Bug fix

  • Fixed Search by e-mail feature in Zendesk integration

Version 2.4.60



  • Added lower level filter for Pause status in Realtime - Agent section

Bug fix

  • Set correct extension for downloaded VoiceMail messages

Version 2.4.59



  • Updated style of Schedule Report modal

  • Added Announcements tab in Queue settings

  • Database optimization for Contact Management tables


  • Updated type of column tab in table buildings

  • Updated entries in table buildings for Announcements tab

Bug fix

  • Added missing options for announce_position in Queue Settings

  • Added retry for unpause action for WFD feature

Version 2.4.58



  • Added the possibility to restrict users (not admin) to hangup active calls from Realtime - Dialplan

  • Improvements in Disposition Save action made by Agent


  • Added column enable_hangup in table users

Bug fix

  • Fixed repeated entry in Realtime - Dialplan
  • Fixed creation/update of Agent with blank space in username field
  • Fixed creation/update of Sip with blank space in name field

Version 2.4.57



Since this version contains important changes to the real-time sections, every users and agents must clear the browser cache after the server upgrade


  • Add customizable CallerID name field in Route Outbound

  • Add status filter in Realtime Agent view

  • Changed Call Taken and Last Call values in Realtime Agent section in order to use 'shared_lastcall' queue parameter (useful when SmartACW is enabled)

titleEnable shared last call

To enable the "shared_lastcall" parameter, edit the file /etc/asterisk/queue.conf, and edit the shared_lastcall parameter as follow:

Code Block
; shared_lastcall will make the lastcall and calls received be the same in
; members logged in more than one queue.  This is useful to make the queue
; respect the wrapuptime of another queue for a shared member.
; The default value is no.

Save the file and run the command:

Code Block
[[email protected] ~]# asterisk -rx "queue reload parameters"


  • Add column calleridname in route_outbound_has_routes table

  • Update route_after_insert and route_after_update triggers


  • Fixed Polly block with text containing comma character
  • Fixed pagination in Realtime Agent section
  • Fixed Encryption parameter save in Trunk section
  • Fixed error in pause-switch.php error with external database configuration


Version 2.4.56



  • Pause Booking hidden in the Dashboard and Realtime: if the agent booked a pause, you will see a * character in the status column


  • Improvements on Wait For Disposition feature

Version 2.4.55



  • Database optimization


  • Added indexes in xcally database

  • Increased length of qualify column in sip table

Version 2.4.54



  • Increased the size of the Monitor tab in the Dashboard view

  • Added the restriction to edit "PAUSE" pause

  • Added Wait For Disposition feature

  • Added the possibility to disallow agents to change disposition in Contact Manager for previous calls

  • Added Amazon Polly integration with Cally Square


  • Edit ai_queue_log trigger

  • Added column disposition_enable in core table

  • Added column waiting_for_disposition in queue_table table

  • Added rows for disposition_enable and waiting_for_disposition in buildings table

  • Edit algorithm for view_peers view


  • Fixed Extract all rows error, if Direct databaseextract is enabled

  • Fixed Realtime freeze after Asterisk restart

  • Added trigger association check, before Queue delete

  • Fixed External Dial block in CallySquare with trunks name containing blank space

  • Added Unpause event before Queue remove action, if the agent is paused

  • Fixed deprecation warning for function split in CallySquare

  • Fixed Auto Answer timer

Version 2.4.53



  • Added possibility to change the CSV encoding or Contact Manager upload list


  • Added column csv_encoding in core table

  • Added row in buildings table for CSV encoding feature


  • Dashboard improvements in terms of speed and socket utilization**

  • Fixed error in asterisk-manager.js (toLowerCase)

** Remember to clear your browser cache and reload the xCally web GUI after the software update.

Version 2.4.52



  • Added more specific error logs for Zendesk integration


  • Updated ai_queue_log trigger


  • Fixed SmartACW timer

Version 2.4.51



  • Added event property in Custom Fields (all integrations)

  • Added Available on Pause default for Agent


  • Added column available_on_pause in core table

  • Add column direct_database_extract in core table

  • Add rows in buildings table for Available On Pause and Direct Database Extract features


  • Fixed Contact Manager - Tiger Dial synchronization

  • Fixed phone and mobile field format in Contact Manager

  • Fixed error in asterisk-manager.js (toUpperCase method)

  • Fixed Extract all rows feature with External DB configuration

  • Patch realtime counter (add cleaner for not ended channels)

Version 2.4.50


  • Added Logs section under Tiger Dial module (Implementation version >= 133)

Version 2.4.49



  • Real Time Dashboard Optimisation
  • Improved Recordings section under Cally Square project


Version 2.4.48



  • Added the Pause codification name and Pause time in the Realtime and Dashboard section:

  • Added the possibility to enable/disable the Delete option also related to the Analytics section Users permissions.

    If you disable the option, the involved user or supervisor will not be able to modify the Analytics queries, nor to delete any other GUI entity. 
    Instead, with Delete Enable field set to Yes, the user can create, rename, delete, edit queries and access also to the Metrics and Joins sections, as shown below:
  • Added filter in Zendesk EndUser search (avoiding the selection of suspended entity)



  • Fixed Fresh Contact counter in Tiger Dial Process section
  • Fixed enable/disable delete feature

Version 2.4.47



  • Changed type of column priority in extensions table


  • Updated the list of tables used for the backup
  • Added extensions parameters as mandatory in TigerDial process creation
  • Fixed Recordings for Transferred calls
  • Fixed limit of number of application in Dialplan
  • Fixed error in CM Trigger and Disposition list view (if the agent is not admin)

Version 2.4.46



  • Added Socket IP address for Tiger Dial monitor


  • Added outbound_socket column in core table
  • Added row in buildings table for Tiger Dial monitor feature


  • Fixed bug in realtime and dashboad (agent not removed from the list)
  • Fixed Salesforce check connection
  • Optimization of Recording list table

Version 2.4.45




Version 2.4.44



  • Added option to enable/disable RingNoAnswer information on Agent Realtime
  • Added Tiger Dial Monitor


  • Fixed Agent Realtime issue with transferred calls
  • Removed exit arrow from SubProject block
  • Removed call limit parameter in Trunk configuration


  • Added enable_ringnoanswer column in core table
  • Added row on building table to enable/disable RingNoAnswer feature
  • Removed row on building table for Trunk call limit

Version 2.4.43



  • Add MOH track: you can get the time of moh when the caller is put on-hold by the agent (Asterisk res_top module must be active)

    titleEnable res_top module

    Edit the file /etc/asterisk/modules.conf

    and comment the last row as below:

    ;noload =>

    Save the file and restart the Asterisk service

    [[email protected]~]# service asterisk restart


  • Add column mohtime in table call_log

  • Edit trigger ai_queue_log of table queue_log


  • Fixed Zendesk issue: Trasfer ticket open without a configured queue

  • Fixed error opening Voicemail section

Version 2.4.42



  • Added Agent feature Available on Pause (see XCALLY Phonebar Agents settings)
  • Added About section, containing useful information and links (i.e. documentation, changelog, EULA...).


  • Added available_on_pause column in agents table
  • Added rows in buildings table for Available on pause feature
  • Edited view_peers view

Version 2.4.41




  • Added search_by_email column in integrations table

  • Added monitor_event, createdAt and updatedAt columns in call_history_logs table


  • Fixed queue multisection in Realtime - Agents section

  • Fixed password save in Integrations section

  • Fixed proper hangup for internal calls when the other party is not available


Version 2.4.40



  • Added User Tracking feature
  • Improved the variable recognition in CallySquare blocks
  • Added the possibility to disable the Reset Stats button for users (under Settings -> Users-> Edit)


  • Added table usertracking

  • Added reset_stats column in user table


  • Improvements for Tiger Dial Preview Mode

  • Fixed SIP CallerID update

  • Fixed Phonebar Integration

  • Fixed style for report with long name


Version 2.4.39




  • Added row in buildings table for Tiger Dial Preview Mode

  • Added preview_event, preview_peer columns in call_history_logs table

  • Added row in modules table for Tiger Dial Preview Mode


  • Fixed Queue Logout from Web Interface

Version 2.4.38




  • Added busylight_sound_enable, busylight_sound_volume, busylight_enable, busylight_sound_clip columns in table agents
  • Added row in buildings table for Busylight section
  • Added enum type busylight in column tab in table buildings
  • Updated view view_peers

Version 2.4.37



  • Dashboard and real-time section: added the number of times an agent did not answer a queue call within the queue timeout (RINGNOANSWER) 

  • Added Booking Pause feature (see Phone bar Changelog#



  • Updated trigger ai_queue_log



  • Updated Outbound called number in Dashboard and Realtime Agents sections

  • Fixed Outbound Filter in Realtime Dialplan section

Version 2.4.36



  • Added phone number in the Dashboard for Outbound Calls

  • Added CM Dial Buttons (see here).

  • Added xCally Phonebar tab, useful to manage Agents settings related to the XCALLY Phonebar (see here).


  • Added column contact_management_dial_button in agents table

  • Added column contact_management_dial_button in core table

  • Updated ai_queue_log trigger for table queue_log

  • Added row in buildings table for contact_management_dial_button feature


  • Fixed ChanSpy options label
  • Fixed Enter Time and Enter Date for RINGNOANSWER event in agent_log table

Version 2.4.35




  • Added option to Hide Contact Exports in Contact Management

  • Added Multi-select in Realtime -> Agents section, in order to view the selected Queue


  • Added hide_contact_extract column in core table

  • Added row hide_contact_extract feature in buildings table 


  • Fixed Switch Pause after SmartACW pause

  • Fixed creation of Custom Application in Voice Rules, with not valid characters

  • Fixed Queue AutoPause - Phonebar bug

  • Fixed Dashboard value reset

Version 2.4.34



  • Added Show Charts option: show (if set to Yes) or hide (if set to No) charts in Dashboard and Realtime section. (see General Settings section)
  • Added Call when busy option: YES: accept the internal calls when busy. NO: reject the internal calls when busy. Default is YES (see Edit the Agent Shuttle section)


  • Added show_charts column in core table

  • Added call_waiting column in agents table

  • Added row in buildings table for show_charts option and call_waiting

  • Updated sip_update trigger

  • Updated view_peers view



  • Fixed bug in Schedule Reports Update

  • Realtime improvements: added pagination and possibility to disable charts

  • Fixed Switch Pause from Phonebar

  • Fixed Google TTS


Version 2.4.33 



  • Dialplan queue application: Add option to prevent a channel is previously answered before running the queue application


  • Updated application_after_insert and application_after_update triggers
  • Added answer column in route_inbound_has_application table


  • Fixed transfer management

Version 2.4.32





  • Web Application Security improvements - See please HERE for secure configurations

  • Added Hangup application at the end of each Outbound Route

  • Added Fallback trunk strategy


  • Fixed CM contact opening


  • Updated default value for retry column in queue_table table

  • Updated route_after_insert trigger

  • Updated route_after_update trigger

Version 2.4.31




  • Security improvements for passwords for Agents, Sips, Users and Voicemails

  • Security improvements with cookie whitelist

  • Removed default value in Queue Context


  • Added secure_password, secure_password_pattern fields in table core

  • Added row in table buildings for secure password feature


Version 2.4.30




  • Added Zendesk Plus integration

  • Added Transfer Call Log

  • Added message to perform the Phonebar Logout when the agent logs out from Shuttle web interface (see Phone bar Changelog#

  • Added announce position and announce positionlimit parameters in Queue configuration

  • Add timeout, options and URL parameters in Route Outbound configuration

  • Added login_in_pause in Default settings


  • Fixed global search and contact opening in Contact Management module
  • Security improvements in Queue section


  • Added timeout, options, url columns in route_outbound_has_routes table

  • Added transfertype, transferuniqueid columns in call_log table

  • Added queue_transfer_id column in triggers table

  • Added announce_position and announce_position_limit columns in queue_table table

  • Added rows in buildings table to manage announce_position, announce_position_limit and login_in_pause

  • Updated route_after_insert, route_after_update triggers

Version 2.4.29





  • Fixed Database connection in the DATABASE Cally Square block

  • Fixed logo in Schedule Reports mail notification

  • Fixed bug related to duplicated Agent reference

  • Fixed query with >,>=,<,<= operators in Analytics section

  • Fixed outbound event for custom integrations

  • Fixed the date format in the body of the ticket (all integrations)


  • Updated route_after_insert and route_after_update triggers for route_outbound_has_routes table (please update existing routes)
  • Added protocol and login_in_pause columns in agents table

  • Updated view_peers view

Version 2.4.28




  • Fixed Sidebar for Admin
  • Fixed iSpeech ASR bug
  • Fixed Voicemail breadcrumbs
  • Fixed encryption field after SIP type change
  • Fixed edge with value 0 in Switch block


  • Added rows in buildings table for TD Web Disposal
  • Added column disposal_enable in core table
  • Added column enable_delete in users table

Version 2.4.27



  • Fixed the Export button in the Tiger Dial Spooler
  • Added wav49 format for recording in Default section

Version 2.4.26


  • Added Switch Pause functionality in the Realtime section
  • Contact Management module
    • Added Note in the Call history
    • Added Phone 2 and URL as the Contact fields
  • Added Fresh Contacts column in the Process Stats - Process Summary (Tiger Dial Implementation Version >= 125)

  • Added phone2 and url column in contacts table
  • Added note column in contact_call_logs table
  • Added rows for phone2 and url in buildings table

  • Fixed Salesforce search flow
  • Fixed Realtime Agent pagination (button next)
  • Fixed sorting in Voicemail section (by date and duration)
  • Fixed check in Switch edge (Cally Square)

Version 2.4.25



  • Changed field type from VARCHAR to TEXT for column values in contact_customfields table

  • Changed ENUM value list for column recording in route_outbound table

  • Updated route_after_insert and route_after_update triggers

  • Added tables sms_accounts, sms_has_workers and sms_messages

  • Added sms rowin modules table


  • Fixed Realtime Agents pagination

  • Fixed error in change SIP codec

  • Fixed CM custom fields creation

  • Fixed CM list search

  • Fixed CM contact search

  • Fixed Back button

  • Fixed error on edge in Cally Square (Menu and Switch block)

  • Fixed view dispositions of Custom Fields in CM Contact View

Version 2.4.24



Version 2.4.23


  • Added possibility to add custom model for iSpeech ASR

  • Added options to iSpeech TTS (speed and interrupt key)

  • Added options to iSpeech ASR (interrupt key, timeout and NOBEEP)


  • Add table project_has_models


  • Fixed Recordings permissions


  • Removed Zendesk and Zendesk Chrome CTI Event from Queue settings

  • Added Trunk reference

  • Added Default section in General Settings


  • Added trunk_reference column in core table


  • Fixed breadcrumbs

  • Fixed update procedure (save changes in configuration files for external database)

  • Fixed CM contact list delete

  • Fixed CM contact list create (you can create a list with the same name of a list that you delete previously)


  • Added CustomApp block in Cally Square IVR
  • Added Autologoff in General Settings (Default value in Agent creation)
  • Set Custom Field ID as deprecated


  • Add column autologoff in table core


  • Fixed bug in Schedule Reports creation (error in pickup list)
  • Fixed Cronjob database connection (handle external database)



  • Added enum type (freshdesk) in column type in the integration table
  • Added column id_source in table agent_log, cdr, call_log and queue_log
  • Changed type of column inbound to INT in order to support the new type 'Phonebar' (recordings table)
  • Edited trigger route_after_insert and route_after_update


  • Fixed created_at column in Cally Square recordings (now it is fill with the rigth date)
  • Fixed time column for Cally Square events in table queue_log (now it is fill with the rigth date)
  • Fixed Agent pagination in Realtime
  • Removed UniqueId tag in integration
  • Removed UniqueId label in Freshdesk integration
  • Fixed outbound trigger (add route id in User Event)
  • Added possibility to restore default logo (Header logo and Login logo)
  • Fixed report Login for event compatibility


  • Possibility to upload an image for Header and Login logo (Settings -> General -> Header Logo and Login logo)
  • Realtime Paginations: Agent and Dialplan
  • Added Tiger Dial Realtime (from Tiger Dial Implementation 120) 


  • Added logo_login and logo_header columns in table core
  • Added outbound_socket_port column in table core


  • Cally Square
    • Fixed bug inside the GetDigits block in Cally Square
    • Fixed recordings delete in Cally Square
  • Phone bar
    • Fixed manual recordings from xCALLY Phonebar for Inbound calls


  • Contact Management
    • Possibility to set the disposition in the Call History
    • Disposition management (Create/Edit/Delete)


  • Added disposal column in contacts_call_logs table
  • Added table dispositions


  • Queues
    • Fixed parameter for leavewhenempty and joinwhenempty (loose)
  • Tiger Dial
    • Fixed SHOW_DISPOSAL functionality
    • Fixed minimum value for settings in Advanced Status (Processes)
    • Changed the label Status with Contact Status in the Spooler (Processes)
  • Analytics
    • Fixed bug for "Extract All" in Reports section


  • Tiger Dial
    • spooler section: added sort and search functionalities
  • Cally Square
    • added the possibility to insert keys for the iSpeech block (TTS and ASR)
  • SMTP configuration
    • add field email address


  • Added table project_has_tokens
  • Added email_address column in table core
  • Added email_address row in table buildings


  • Reduced the log size for the xcally services
  • Bug fix in exporting of all the report rows in the Analytics section
  • Bug fix in schelude reports send with SMTP


  • Multi-language: Added the GUI Arabic Language

  • Voicemail
    • added the possibility to insert options inside the VoiceMail appication from Dial Plan
    • added the possibility to insert options inside the VoiceMail block in Cally Square
  • Added voice codecs for Sip


  • Integrations
    • Fixed the outbound trigger for the Zendesk Integration
  • Trunks
    • Removed static codecs for the Trunks section
  • Reports
    • Redirect to the dashboard if the schedule report doesn't exist in the file system
  • Improved the security of the Web Application


  • Added voice codecs into the codecs table


  • Realtime
    • Added Partial Pause
  • Update
    • Added check open ports


  • Integrations
    • Fixed the absence of calledname and callername in and SalesForce
    • Fixed the popup for outbound calls in SugarCRM, SalesForce and
  • Fixed the cached item for tags inside the outbound rules.


Add new fields in the integration table in order to handle configuration



  • Phone bar
    • Added the After Call Working phone bar messages


  • Fixed Recordings download redirect
  • Fixed Phone bar status messaging
  • Updated body text in registration page
  • Fixed ACW queue check
  • Fixed cronjob backup time interval check


Added the Smart After Call Working feature in the Advanced Settings.

If enabled, it puts automatically the Agent on pause on all his queues, when he ends a call. The Agent won’t receive calls until he resume his queues or the timeout expires.

On a multiskill environment, the agent status log will show ACW status only for the defined queue, on the other queues the agent status will be “UNAVAILABLE BY ACW”. Thanks to this different log management, it is possible to report about the ACW time for each queue.

Added headers in reports full extraction (extract all rows)


  • Agent After Call Working parameter: Deprecated
  • Old ASR: Removed


  • Trunks
    • Added trunk encryption and transport
  • Cally Square 
    • Added iSpeech voice recognition block (ASR)
    • Added iSpeech text-to-speech block


  • Agent Dashboard
    • Fixed Agents Recording download
  • Queues - Agents
    • Shown priority on queues-agent association
  • Tiger Dial
    • Fixed the list delete
  • Fixed Idle timeout
  • Fixed Google TTS text in case of commas
  • Demo
    • Fixed demo version check in case of update
    • Enabled new modules for demo registration

Version 2.4.6




In the Realtime -> Agents section there are more information available to the Supervisor: Agent Status (corresponding to the Phonebar status), Queue, Time, SIP. When an Agent is on a call, his row is highlighted.

Here some examples:

  • SMTP server configuration

In the Settings -> Mail section you can set the SMTP server configuration for Notifications and Scheduled Reports (managed through the Cronjob).

  • Cronjob - run a backup

Added the Cronjob Run button, in the Settings -> General -> Cronjob section. It is useful to create immediately a backup (you have to specify the backup type "Config + Logs" or "Config only".

  • Cally Square
    • Saving IVR random recording filename into a RECORDING_SAVENAME variable
    • Added design Clone function for IVR projects
    • Added variable switch block in IVR design
  • Tiger dial
    • It is possible to import a list from the Contact Management module and then also synchronize it
    • Search (Name and Phone) and Sorting tools available in the Spooler section
  • Phonebar
    • You can now change the color of the Phonebar popup (Queue -> Advanced section)
    • Added CallerID(name) in PhoneBar Header Callerid. The name of the Caller will be displayed in the phonebar popup.
  • General additions
    • Updated Korean Language
    • Added demo license limitations and watermark
    • Penalty shown immediately on the GUI in the Agent-Queue Association


  • Analytics
    • fixed the dropdown menu
    • fixed the Agent Pause statistics
  • Trunks
    • set the Insecure value to "port, invite" as default
    • fixed trunk callerid to set default value
  • Dashboard
    • fixed the service level widget, using only the structure service level
    • Fixed AVG QSA, AVG QTT structures
  • Contact Management
    • fixed encoding parse for .csv upload
    • blocked the Queue and Contact list Delete, if a Trigger is associated to them

  • Fixed auto reset in Asterisk Manager
  • Increased logfiles size and number of relative backups
  • Fixed error displaying for Recording section
  • Added Zendesk Agent lookup logs
  • Fixed license cell width


Cronjob - General Settings

Added Cronjob Settings and a backup History table.

In the Cronjob section you can set the time interval of the Automatic Database Backup and the Backup Type (Config only or Config + Logs).

In the History table you can download and delete the backups. If there is not enough free memory on the disk you will see a row containing the Backup error, that means that the backup has not been created.

  • Added interval and option to select logs, for backup cronjob
  • Added search and sorting on backups datatable

Tiger Dial

  • Added variables to the .csv Upload
  • Removed Campaign Group section and also the Campaign Reference from the Process view
  • Removed Variables section from the Process view
  • Removed Extra section from the Process and List view
  • Added Tabs Redirect in the Process view
  • Added Name for Internal Dial Plan list in the New Process creation

Contact Management

  • Added uniqueid to contact-management call logs


  • Updated descriptions
  • Fixed time conversion for the recordings
  • Added fields availability check on keyup

Contact Management

  • Fixed List Search and Sorting
  • Fixed special chars for Contact List upload in contact-management
  • Added created_by value on .csv Upload for contact-management

Tiger Dial

  • Added NO QUEUE value to tigerdial queue xeditable
  • Added empty option for tigerdial contact timezone
  • Fixed tigerdial csv upload for empty phone values
  • Fixed tigerdial single contact insert with empty fields


  • Fixed column sorting for contact-management tables
  • Fixed global search for contact-management tables


License order - Contact Management

Added the Contact Management license activation checkmark in the Settings-> General-> License-> License order form

Tiger Dial

  • Added Single Contact upload in the List

  • Added the following Error Message if you try to delete a List associated to a Process:

Added some debugging messages to track database connections


  • Fixed recordings section
  • Fixed monitor section
  • Increased mysql connections limit to 50

Multi-language: now available the French GUI

New Cally Square block :"GetDigits"

Through this block you can prompt the user to insert a series of digits, even with dynamic length: you can play the message, count the retries on errors (i.e. to avoid dangerous loops) and set a variable with the inserted digits value. See the Cally Square documentation

Contact Management Custom fields: added the Select type

Through the Select Custom fields you can create a picklist containing different values. You have to define the Field name, the Select Type and all the Values as value1,value2,value3 and so on.

Revised core Realtime process: strong performance optimization and scalability

DEPRECATED: Services Zendesk, Sugar, Saleforce, ContactManagement, ScheduleReport 

Just use the xcally-realtime service: service xcally-realtime start/stop/restart

Completed the Contact Management module

Phone bar: multi-language support and possibility to enable/disable the Settings option.

Here the phone bar changelog.

Settings: Customizable session timeout

In the Settings-> General-> Session Timeout you can set the seconds of inactivity after which the alert of disconnection of the user will be displayed.

Multi-language: now available the Spanish and Portuguese GUI


  • Added option Change CallerID on login (Agents -> General Settings).
    • if it is set to Yes -> CallerID = name of the Agent
    • if set to No -> CallerID = name of the SIP

  • Agent Dashboard

    • Added the Agent Recent Calls tab under the Monitor section
    • Added the button Call, into the Recent Calls tab, useful to call the numbers shown in the recent calls list with a simple click.

Dashboard: added outbound calls number


Tiger Dial

  • Added Status Management in the Process view, under the Advanced Status tab
  • Added the Call Parameters in the Process view

  • Added the creation date in the Contact List

Improved Dashboard and Realtime sections: new widgets

new dashboard

Get a quick overview on the status of the contact center Queues through the Average Speed of Answer, the Average Queue Talk Time and the Global Service Level. The monitoring is easier and more effective thanks to the real time graphs, that you can find both in the Dashboard (general graphs about waiting and active calls, completed and abandoned calls, SLA)…

real time graphs

…and in the Real Time section (detailed graphs about Agents and Queues).

Deep control on the Agents Sessions


The new Auto Logoff setting is very useful to manage automatically the Agent’s Log out. If enabled, when the agent exits the browser, he/she will be logged out from the Agent’s web interface and also from his/her Queues. Otherwise, the Agent is considered logged in until he/she does not perform the Log out action from his/her Agent’s interface menu.

Agents can now use their direct phone numbers

external line agent

In addition to the SIP and WebRTC Agents, the supervisor can also set External line Agents, which can manage calls from their phone. It is only necessary to indicate the phone number (in the username field) and then the Agent can be put in one or more Queues as the others.

Call Groups & Pickup Groups


Organize SIP Call Groups and let them to pickup calls belonging to others SIP Call Groups.

Faster access and rating for the call recordings 


Quick access to the call Recordings and Quality monitor. For each call recording is now possible to define a rating. The search is much more effective and fast!

The Recordings section is also available for Agents

You can set the Agent's Module permission (Realtime, Voicemail, Recordings) in the Agent's settings.

Full Report Extraction

Select one of the available Reports, define the time interval on interest and click on Apply to see the resulting rows.

To export the entire report click on the Extract all rows button; you will get a .CSV file.

Schedule Reports Section

The Schedule Reports section allows you to set an automatic report creation according to your needs.

You can assign a name, define the Report of interest, the Range and the Interval of the Report, the Email where you will receive the attached Report in the .CSV file format.

You can also download the report directly from the xCALLY GUI selecting the Schedule Report of interest -> Show -> Download.

Define IVR conditions based on multi-time intervals


The Gotoifmultitime IVR box lets you to take decisions based on different multi-time intervals. You have to set the routes to the path in the IVR tree for just one time interval condition verified as true and for all the interval condition verified as false.

New trigger for Unmanaged Calls 

trigger abandon

In addition to the Ringing, Up and Hang up event, it is now possible to create an Integration Trigger associated to the event Unmanaged Calls (when the customer hangs up the call without talking with the agent). This integration will open a ticket containing the customer phone number and basic data: the ticked can be later recognized looking at the Zendesk Tag=unmanaged, so the supervisors will be able to create proper Zendesk Triggers and Automations to manage the ticket according to their needs.

Zendesk Outbound CTI Integration

A new really useful feature is that you can associate the Integration to an Outbound Route; in this way a ticket will be created and shown through a pop-up every time an Agent starts a call.

First of all, you need to have an Integration already created (Settings -> Integrations menu).

Then go to the Dial Plan -> Outbound section, click on edit on the route of interest, go under the General Settings and choose the Integration from the list.

Here the final result: the ticket pop-up of the Outbound call with all the main information.

Custom Variable - new Integration submenu

In the Settings-> Integrationsthere is a new submenu where you can create Custom Variables to be used in the Cally Square section when designing the IVR structure.
In this way you can pass useful data to the integrated 3rd party applications.

The image below shows an example of how you can use the Custom Variable in the IVR structure.

Here the result in Zendesk: the order number is shown in the Additional Info section of the ticket.

[SH-211] Fixed issue on pause switching using Universal Phonebar (previous pause not corretly closed)

[SH-215] Added Staff ID property in Agent settingsAdded Password Expiration property in Settings section

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