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The XCALLY Agent Desktop enables your customer care Agents to manage all the interactions coming from every Channel (i.e. Voice calls, Web Chat, Email, Social Networks and more) using the same Unified User Interface.

Furthermore, the Agents can access to their Contact Management (advanced address book) and Real time dashboards, in order to get the best Customer eXperience (CX). 

Your Agents can easily login to all the Queues they have access to, manage their status and perform different tasks, according to their Profile Settings.

Here you find a list of the most common functions:

  • Change Password and benefit with Security Settings of the Security Suite (GDPR Compliant)

  • Pause/Unpause

  • Set speakerphone and Mute

  • Redial, Hold, Do not Disturb

  • Incoming Call display

  • Call history

  • Call conference

  • Call transfer (blind, attended, warm)

  • Call recording

  • Agents Presence view
  • Screen Recording (manual or automatic)
  • Omni Channel agent web desktop (for email, sms, fax, webchat and Open Channel)

  • API for call control and CTI

  • Customizable Pop-ups

  • Call the contacts in the CM (Click to call)**

  • Explore the Customer Journey
  • Exchange internal messages with other agents or supervisors
  • Possibility of masking the customer's personal information (e.g. phone, email, name)


**you can also Click and Dial any formatted phone number detected inside your Google Chrome browser using the extension Bitcally (documentation content restricted only for Administrators)

Agent view using the Phonebar

Agent view using the WebRTC Bar

Agent view using External or Soft Phones*

*telephone calls are managed using external or soft phones, while other activities (omni channel interactions exchange, contacts management, dashboards, etc.) and status (login, logout, pauses) are managed in the Omni Desktop Interface.

The Agents can also share external telephones (in the hotdesk configuration) by associating themselves to the chosen one at login time.

titleRemote Access to the XCally Motion Voice Queues

The Agents can access to the XCALLY Motion shared voice queues also using their remote Telephone or Mobile Phone! Thanks to the Agent Management IVR Project Blocks, they can manage their status (Login, Logout, Pause, Unpause) and receive calls working remotely but in a team!

The CTI & Unified Agent's Desktop provides one single environment for all channels interactions (not only voice!), whose main advantages are the following:

  • Simple Agent's login: you don't need to configure complex SIP settings (as usually done with SIP Clients)
  • The Agent's Profile is not linked to the seat: all your teamwork can share work positions
  • Skill level management of your Agents in the Teamwork
  • Status Setting and easy switching from one queue to the other according to Administrator's management

  • Pop-up screens providing value added information about the customers on-line
  • Embedded WebRTC functions to manage voice calls
  • Auto-adapting and always-on-top Phonebar: you don't need to iconize it to use other applications

  • New version available alert for Phonebar: it's very easy to download and install it (no manual configuration required)
  • Phonebar integrated with other applications (like Zendesk, Salesforce, Sugar CRM, and more)
  • The Supervisor can track the Agent's KPI using either Realtime and Offline Reports 


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