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The purpose of such CTI is to provide a complete call control of your agent Yealink phone using a powerful XCALLY Web application.
The Web application can be easily inserted inside your agent web page, CRM, or any other web application used by your customer care.


The solution has been tested using:

Yealink T41P
Yealink T21P E2

Browsers Google Chrome or Firefox

The information detailed in this guide is applicable to the firmware version 71 or higher.
The firmware format likes x.x.x.x.rom.
The second x from left must be greater than or equal to 71 (e.g., the firmware version of SIP-T28P IP phone:

The solution works for both XCALLY SHUTTLE or MOTION suites.

Configuration steps

Please follow these steps in order to configure the remote control of the Yealink phones:
  1. Find the Phone IP under the Menu -> Status section

  2. Type the Phone IP on your browser; in this way you can login to the Yealink web interface (default credentials admin:admin)

  3. Go under Features and click on the sidebar Remote control section to enable all the IP for the Remote control. 

    IMPORTANT: you must set any in the Action URI allow IP List (as shown in the image below).

  4. Go on to run the app for the Remote control of your Yealink phone.

  5. Go under the Settings tab in order to configure the app.

  6. Insert the Phone credentials (the same used in step 2) and save the changes.

  7. Enable the possibility to load unsafe scripts

  8. Type a number, for example "1": on the Yealink phone will appear the message Allow remote control -> click OK to confirm.


The integration is now complete!

You can control your Yealink phone from here: