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WebRTC is a real time communication standard still under development. It is supported the best on the Google Chrome browser


WebRTC is still under standardization and development, use such Beta feature at your own risk (no warranty or any guaranteed service)!

Here you can find the Google Chrome recommended version:

The agent who wants to use the WebRTC interface needs to:

1. Be enabled by the supervisor under the SIP section (Web User flag enabled). When an agent is associated to Web enabled user he/she can work ONLY with WebRTC (xCALLY Windows phone bar or external phones will not work).

2. Login to the Shuttle web interface using ONLY the Google Chrome recommended version via https (DO NOT use http). For example, if your xCALLY Shuttle server has been installed on, the agent emily.brown will need to browse and login here:
login: emily.brown
pwd: her password

After the login the Agent can interact with the Shuttle Web interface. 

To let the WebRTC work properly, it's necessary to set a STUN Server with a good RTT latency to minimize connection times.

Click here to see how to set the stun server