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When you add a new trunk to your XCALLY server and you can get an issue on making or receiving calls.

Here are some suggestions to better understand the trunk configuration:

  • The trunk registration is necessary only to manage the INBOUND calls. 
    To check the correct trunk registration, just open the Asterisk CLI from Linux console (command is asterisk -r) and run the command sip show registry
  • Depending on the level of security requested from your Trunk provider, for the OUTBOUND calls you need to properly set the values “Default user”, “Secret” in the basic settings and “From domain" and “From user" in the advanced trunk settings.
  • The first thing to understand and troubleshoot a trunk issue is checking the Asterisk CLI (asterisk -r), any issue will be logged. To increase the verbosity of Asterisk console run the command core set verbose 1000 
  • Use the XCally guide to check your trunk configuration (in particular the examples)