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In the Triggers interface you can set how and when the integration works, thanks to the creation of different Triggers, which can be associated to different Queues.

Through the Triggers table the Administrator can:

  • Delete a a Trigger 
  • Edit the Trigger parameters 
  • Create a new Trigger, clicking on and compiling the following form with data about:
    • the integration you want to use
    • on which Queue you want to apply the Integration
    • when the integration should work, so when the automatic integration pop-up related to the call will be opened:
      • Ringing: when the phone is ringing, before the agent’s answer 
      • Up: when the agent picks up the call 
      • Hang up: when the agent hangs up the call 
      • Unmanaged call: when a call is not answered by the agent (The call must ring to the agent).


To set the outbound integration, you need to go under Dial plan -> Outbound -> General Settings section and select the Integration name (the one you created under Integrations), as shown in the image below.

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