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Use the debug monitor to deeply check the TigerDial operations (for advanced users) 

Enable the monitor

The TigerDial debug monitor must be enabled by running a script under the TIgerDial installation folder.

[[email protected] ~]# cd /opt/xcally_tiger_dial/resources/and run the script
[[email protected] resources]# ./ /opt/xcally_tiger_dial/./ /opt/xcally_tiger_dial/

Start the debug application

Once the monitor has been enabled, you just have to start it on your browser:

HTTP://x.x.x.x/tigerdial/calls.html (where x.x.x.x is the xCally server ip address)


The page will show the last 1000 calls of the current day, refreshed every 2 minutes but you can change the refresh value into the calls.html file under /var/www/html/tigerdial


How it works

The main view shows the calls status list, with detailed information about date/time, dial result, etc..


From the call list you can easily check every TigerDial operation:


Process Channel Info

Under the process section, you can see the details about the current status of the process channels.



Queue Status

Click on the queue name to check the queue member status


Call history

Click on the spooler id to retrieve the call history. 

Here you can find (in xml format) all the dial attempts for a single contact.