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Using Tiger Dial Preview mode, your Agents can have a "preview" of the contact (number and name) and decide when the system will place that call. They can also assign a Disposition to the Contact and see the Call History. 

For example, you can use this mode in debt collection campaigns or in other situations where the Agent knows the Contact he/she is calling.

Finally, the Tiger Dial Preview mode avoid the Agents from dialing calls manually.

Dial Plan configuration

In order to use the Tiger Dial Preview mode you need to:

  1. create two DID under the section Dial Plan -> Internal:
    1. preview-peer-exten
    2. preview-contact-custom

2. edit the DID preview-peer-exten adding a Dial application with Application Args: SIP/${AUTODIAL_PEER}

3. edit the DID preview-contact-custom adding:

    • a Dial application with Application Args: SIP/${AUTODIAL_PHONE}@your_trunk_name
    • a Custom application with Application name Macro and Application Args hangup-dial 

      After the Dial instruction it is ALWAYS mandatory to set the Macro application!

      Before the Dial application, we suggest you to add a Playback message introducing the Preview call to the Agent.


Process configuration

  1. Create a Process with Queue 
  2. Edit the Process under General Settings:
    1. Set Preview as Yes; in this way you will enable the Tiger Dial Preview mode. Please note that the Autodial level and Channel limit are ignored.
    2. Set Preview extension as preview-peer-exten (see Dial plan configuration).
  3. Edit the Process under Call Parameters Settings:
    1. you MUST set Technology as LOCAL.
    2. you MUST set Device as from-sip.
    3. you have to set Extension as preview-contact-custom (see Dial plan configuration).
    4. you have to set Dial Format as 'tech/[email protected]'

  4. You can set the other parameters according to your needs. When you have completed your Settings, you can RUN the process.

Agent web GUI

The Agent will find on his Shuttle Web GUI the following Tiger Dial menu, with two subsections:

The Admin, under Agent's Settings, must:

- enable the Tiger Dial module:

- set Disposal Web Enable as "No"


The Agent must choose the Process (he/she will see the list of Processes associated with his/here Queue/s).

Clicking on Retrieve contact, the Agent will get the contacts to call, one by one.

The Agent can start the call with the contact just clicking on the Call contact button. Otherwise, he/she can choose the following contact through the Retrieve contact button.

When the Agent clicks on Call Contact, first of all the system calls him/her and after his/her answer it originates the call with the contact.

When the Agent works in Tiger Dial Preview mode, we suggest to use the Auto Answer.

The Agent can also assign a Disposition about the Contact, choosing it on the Retrieve list and clicking on Dispose.


Call log

Under this section the Agent can find the list of all his calls made through the Tiger Dial Preview mode.

For each call you can click on the Show button in order to see the call history of the Contact.

You may see these call info updated every 60 seconds.

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