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XCALLY Shuttle is designed to provide a simple and effective software update procedure.

The updates are available only to the customers entitled to perform them: please contact the XCALLY Sale Team in case you did not agree with the annual or monthly fees including the software updates.

Software updates are usually included only for Minor releases (i.e. from Shuttle V2.4.X to V2.5.Y etc…). Any Major release update must be agreed before proceeding (i.e. from Shuttle v1 to v2, etc…)

The XCALLY Quality Assurance Team is committed to perform deep testing procedures before releasing any new XCALLY Shuttle version; however please carefully consider to update your current release only if you can benefit from important new features or fixes, really useful for your contact center.

Please always read the Changelog before proceeding.

Any software update needs an accurate change management assessment: perform it ONLY when you can really benefit from it!

Important: The update process will cause downtime and affect your call center service availability.

A backup machine is strongly recommended.

Provide to xCally Support the token license and the public IP address of your running server and backup (if any) and wait for their go ahead to proceed.

 Please check at least the following outgoing TCP ports are open to the host

TCP 80, 443, 8080, 3306

  • Backup the xCally database: you can use MySQL client like sqlJog or MySQL Workbench or directly via MySQL command line

    mysqldump -u root -pYourPassword xcally > xcally_dump.sql

where “YourPassword” is your MySQL root password

  • Backup the content of the folder /var/www/html


During the software update the entire DB structure (only the structure) will be synchronized with the provisioning server.

The custom tables created into the XCALLY database will be deleted.

If you need the custom tables, please use a different db.


Log in into the xCally Shuttle Web admin interface. Under Settings -> General  there it is the sw update button.

Click on the button and confirm.  A message with the updated result will be shown:

Important: if you upgrade from older versions to 2.4.x onwards you will not see the feedback message shown above but a blank page. Do not worry about that.

Simply clean the browser cache at the end of the procedure.

Clean your browser cache and reload the xCally Web interface page.

Log in to ssh console and perform the following steps:

wget -O
chmod +x

Please, after update restart the following services or reboot your machine:

service asterisk restart
service agisquare restart
service xcally-realtime restart

** Sometimes a PHP Warning is displayed when you start the agisquare service, please see PHP Warning when AGISquare service starts for more information.

From the xCALLY 2.4.0 version you just have to use the xcally-realtime service. DEPRECATED: Services Zendesk, Sugar, Saleforce, ContactManagement, ScheduleReport

This message means that you are running the latest release.

If this message appears, no changes have been done to your server.

Don’t worry and contact the xCally Support.