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The Agent can log into the Shuttle web interface using the username and password provided by the supervisor:

If he logs in correctly he will see his Agent Dashboard, as shown below, that shows the following data:

  • information about his Waiting Queue Calls, Active Queue Calls, Completed, Abandoned and Outbound Queue Calls 
  • a Monitor section, with info about the available Agents, the Agents' Queue details and the Last External 50 Calls
  • the list of the available Agents with the possibility to call them using the Call button.

In addition to the Dashboard, the Agent can see other modules, according to the supervisor permissions assigned to him into the Agent Settings:

Contact Management

Here the Agent can access to Contact Management List, add contacts on it, edit and call the contacts, according to the supervisor permissions assigned to him.


When the Agent edits a Contact, he will see the Contact page containing all the useful data; here he can add new data, modify the existing ones and add comments.


Here the Agent can access and download his call recordings.


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