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In this section you can:

  • manage the SMS connection (one or more, according to your needs and provider specifics) that you will use in the Cally Square SMS block to send SMS to your customers;
  • see the list of the SMS already sent.

Currently we support Twilio and Skebby providers.

The SMS is an additional module; if you are interested to use it please contact us!

SMS Connection

Click on the New SMS button and complete the form:


After you have created the SMS connection:

  • you can verify if the parameters of the connection are ok, clicking on Check connection;
  • you can edit the parameters of the connection, clicking on Edit;
  • you can delete the connection, clicking on Delete;
  • you can see the list of the SMS already sent, clicking on Messages.


Here you can see the list of sent messages (both success or failed), with info about the Date and Time, the Source and Destination numbers and the text Message.


If you click on the Show button you can see the details related to the single SMS: date and time, source and destination number, the provider, the message and the status (success or failed).

SMS Cally Square block

SMS IVR example


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