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This really useful section permits to the Contact Center Administrator to monitor Queues, Agents, Trunks, Integrations and Dial Plans in realtime.

In particular, the Realtime section is divided into:




The graphs shows realtime information about Calls (completed, abandoned, timeout), for each Queue and globally, and the global Service Level.

Please note

To improve the dashboard and real-time performance, you can consider to disable the charts by setting the option "Show Charts" in Setting->General

The Params table shows realtime analytics about all the Queues, like the number of waiting and managed calls, the hold time, the number of completed and abandoned calls, the routing strategy, the weight and so on. The Summary table provides for each Queue information about the Agents status and waiting time, hold time and talk time. It’s possible to reset the data clicking on the Reset button.



The graphs shows the number of logged Agents, and which of them are on Pause, and the global Agent distribution (ready, unavailable, busy).

In the General tab you can see the list of logged Agents and for each of them the Status, the number of calls taken and made, info about their Queues and Pauses.

Here the Administrator can perform two actions:

- add Agents on a specific Queue in realtime. This is a temporary Agent-Queue association: when the agent logs out, the association will be deleted.

- pause and unpause Agents, selecting the pause type. This action involves all the Agent’s Queues.

From the XCALLY version 2.4.48 the supervisor can read the Pause codification name and Pause time on the Status column.


From the XCALLY version 2.4.26 the supervisor can directly Switch from one Pause type to another one, without the need to click on Resume.

In the Detail table there are more specific information about the Agents-Queue association, as the number of calls managed by an Agent in a specific Queue and when he had the last call in a specific Queue.
From this view the supervisor can:
- set the pause status for each Agent on a single specific Queue, thanks to the Pause/Resume button.
- remove one single Agent from a Queue in realtime, thanks to the Remove button.


Waiting Calls and Current Calls
These two sections contain, in realtime, the list of all the Waiting and Current queue calls.
When a call is answered, the corresponding row will disappear from the Waiting Calls section and appear in the Current Calls section.
For each call there are data about the Queue, the Caller, the Current position in the Queue.

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