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xCally Shuttle provides also a list of Reports ready to use, dedicated to Queues Stats, Calls Stats and Agent Stats. In this way you can find the main analytics already available for your needs.

Let’s analyze them:

  • Queues Stats, filtered by Answered Calls, Unanswered Calls or by Time Distribution. 
  • Calls Stats, containing detailed data about every single call. 
  • Agents Stats, which provides data about the Agent’s login, pause status and other events. 
  • Cally Square Stats, dedicated to IVR analytics
  • Tiger Dial Stats, dedicated to the autodialer analytics. 

To view one report, simply click on its name.

For each report you can add, according to your reporting interests:

- new result columns,

- where conditions,

- group by conditions,

- sorting conditions.


The Report data are extracted from the main xCally DB tables: agent_log, call_log, cdr and queue_log. You can find the DB documentation in the xCally DB tables Annex.

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