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XCALLY is designed with the best version of Asterisk real time.

You can potentially configure any number of Queues with XCALLY, however we strongly recommend you to limit the number of assigned queues per each agent only to the strict necessity.
Please keep in mind that Asterisk will check and send a device state event for each Queue member. Therefore the more queues are associated to an agent, the more processing effort will be required to the Asterisk process.
Also the powerful XCALLY Real time dashboards need to send events with agent queues information, so the the more queues are associated to an agents, the more processing effort will be required to the real time process, leading to potential dashboard slow-down, delay and even real time freezing, depending on network and infrastructure conditions.

For those reasons, we recommend you to follow the important best practices here below:

1. Do not to associate more then 50 queues to each agent. If you really need to overcome it, please consider very high processing consumption.

2. Remove the old queues you do not use anymore. This is very important: we often see customers adding new queues and associating it to the agents, without considering to remove the queues no more in use. Remember that any kind of not used queues associated to an agent will also mean waste of processing resources!

3. Carefully add new queues to the agents only when you really need it. Having an agent managing calls for 200 queues does not make a lot of sense, even in terms of contact center design management and monitoring.

IMPORTANT: if you only need the agents to be able to differentiate the incoming calls for each different services or DID, please consider not to add one queue for each service, but use instead the XCALLY variables to send such information inside the Agent phone bar pop-up.

If you use XCALLY SHUTTLE, you can set the EXTRAVAR variable with the DID number {EXTEN} or any kind of IVR or Dialplan variable so to pass such value to the Agent phone bar pop-up. See please here for clear examples: