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Another important feature offered by the Queue section is the Agent Association (an Agent can be created and configured in the section “Agents”).

To associate a Queue to an Agent click on Agents, in his corresponding table row, and select one Agent from the list of the Available Agents.

Here you can also define the Agent Penalty to determine his priority in the queue (low value -> high priority).

If the association has been made correctly, you will see the positive feedback on the Association Results section, on the right of the screen, and the name of the selected Agent in the Associated Agents list.

To delete an association simply click on the name of the Agent of interest in the Associated Agents list.


The Agent - Queue association can also be managed in realtime. In the Realtime section the supervisor can quickly add or remove Agents on specific Queues, according to the Contact Center needs. This is a temporary association: when the agent logs out, the association will be deleted.



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