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If you want to us the XCALLY Phone bar API with https support, you will need to install proper SSL certificates in each Windows machine of your contact center agents.
This is a general guideline, not official and not fully comprensive, just to help you in accomplishing it.
Please refer to your IT manager and system administrator to properly install your SSL certificates.

Please note this configuration is intended ONLY for advanced expert users

  1. Install windows sdk
  2. Perform the following commands in the proper sdk folder (i.e. C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\Bin)

makecert -sk testRootCA -sky signature -sr localmachine -n "CN=RootTrustedCA" -ss TRUST -r RootTrustedCA.cer

makecert -sk testServer -ss MY -sky exchange -sr localmachine -n "CN=Server" -ic RootTrustedCA.cer -is TRUST Server.cer -pe

3. import the RootTrustedCA into the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store (you can use mmc.exe or the control panel certificate manager)

4. Open your cmd Windows console prompt and perform the following command with the admin privileges:

 netsh.exe http add sslcert ipport= certhash={thumbprint} appid={02639d71-0935-35e8-9d1b-9dd1a2a34627}

You can retrieve the thumbprint from the mmc.exe console (property / personal identification)

Edit the phone bar registry keys in rest-37213

ProtocolSecure = 0 (0: https, 1: http)

Port = 9443 (better not to use the default 9888 dell'http)

Use the Phone bar minimum version

If everything goes smooth, you can now call the phone bar API with https, using the new port

For example:

Perform a Call (originate):

etc... etc...