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How to manage a multi-language service with one queue and save the caller time and priority.


The following example shows a different way to manage a multi-language service using only one queue. 

Usually this kind of service is handled with a simple menu block and one queue for each language. This is a good solution for the most of cases.

Anyway, someone could be interested to use only one queue for some reasons:

  • the agents are polyvalent and they are able to manage all languages
  • the priority of the waiting calls, when handled by only one queue,  is correctly kept (FIFO).
  • use different welcome message for each languages and bypass it if there is a free agent in order to save the caller time and improve the service performance


The IVR design



How it works

The MENU block is used to ask to the customer to choose the language (language1, language 2 and language 3), any other different choice sends the customer to the default language 1 (option 1,i)


The GOTOIF is used to run a function to retrieve the number of free agents in a specified queue

{QUEUE_MEMBER(queuename,ready)} > 0


if there are at least one free agent, the call is directly sent to the queue jumping the welcome message PLAYBACK

** replace "queuename" with the name of your queue. 


Since all languages are managed by one queue, we need to inform the agent about the language he needs to use to answer the call.

So we use the SET block to set the EXTRAVAR variable in order to show the selected language on the Phonebar popup









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