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After the run of the Process you can see that the Process Summary, the Spooler and the Algorithm Analytics sections are now updated and populated with the data about the contacts already called.

Process Summary

Here you can find some analytics about the Calls and the Contacts, in order to have an overview about the Process behaviour.

From the XCALLY version 2.4.26 and Tiger Dial Implementation Version >= 125 you will also see the number of Fresh contacts (not called yet).


The Spooler contains the list of the contacts with the following information: Status, Attempts, Updated Time, Phone.

Important: You will see the contacts inside the spooler only after the run of the process!

Disposal Status
- Open: the contact is open
- Closed: the contact is closed and the dialer can’t call him
- Blacklist: the contact is closed for all the present and future processes
- Max Attempt: the dialer has done the Max Attempt of call (as set in the Max retries field General Settings)
- Scheduled: the agent has scheduled when the contact should be called again (day and time)
- Scheduled Agent: the agent has scheduled when the contact should be called again (day and time) and the call will be managed by him.

Call Status
The following values depends by the Asterisk Dial status.
- NONE: the contact hasn’t been called yet.
- AMD: the contact has been called and the call was answered by the Answering Machine Detect.
- NOANSWER: the contact hasn’t answered.
- BUSY: The dial command reached the contact number but the number is busy.
- DROP: the contact has answered and routed into the queue, but the Agent hadn’t picked up the call.
- FAILED: the system has originated the call but the call failed without recognizing the reason.
- HANGUP: the contact has answered and the agent managed successfully the call.
- NOSUCHEXTENSION: the contact number or the sip trunk had some problems (wrong phone number or trunk availability).
- CONGESTION: the dialled number is not recognised. Maybe the trunk is It overloaded.
- RINGTIMEOUT: the call hasn’t been answered whithin the time specified by the wait time parameter.

Attempts: The number of times that the contact has been called.

Updated time: The date of the last operation made by the dialer.

Phone: The phone number called by the dialer.

For each row of the Spooler you can:
- see the Details and the History, clicking on Show Details button;

- delete it, clicking on Delete button;
- set the Status, clicking on Status button.


Algorithm Analytics

This tab represents the behaviour of the Process in the defined Time Slice period.

Important: you can find the Time Slice parameter in the Process Advanced Settings.

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