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Cally Square provides an IDE environment entirely HTML5 Web Responsive interface, to:

  • Manage your Projects
  •  Design your IVR using a Drag and Drop technology
  •  Manage your IVR, from simple auto-attendand to complex scripting tools

Cally Square


Cally Square is designed to connect via your Asterisk dialplan through a standard AGI interface, providing almost independence from the Asterisk release, easy to be integrated with existing deploymnets and scalability for high performance requirements.

asterisk IVR architecture interface

Cally Square is tested on Linux CentOS servers with Asterisk 11.X. However it is a general purpose application, so it should be running fine on several Linux distributions and different Asterisk releases.

Asterisk connection

Browse on the xCALLY-Shuttle Web interface and check the Settings section - Asterisk Manager subsection.

You will see the below information. Click on the Check Connection... button.
You MUST get the below message Connection Asterisk Manager verified!

In case you get error to the Asterisk manager connection, double check again your manager.conf configuration and restart asterisk.

Check manager

If you want you can change the default manager user and password. The very important point is you use the same user/password information inside the manager.conf file and inside the xCALLY web GUI Settings, Asterisk Manager section.

Remember to restart asterisk if you change any manager.conf user/pwd

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