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Play the agent name or code to the customer before connecting the call  


How it works

This feature uses an AGI script executed inside the queue application in order to do some operation before the caller is connected to the agent.

In this example, we use the AGI script to play the name or the code of the agent to the caller.

Download the AGI script

Open an SSH console to the XCALLY Shuttle server and perform the following commands:

cd /var/www/html/files
mkdir operator
chmod -R 777 operator/
cd operator
wget -O

Once the file has been downloaded, set the proper permissions

chmod 777


Required files

The agent introduction

The first required file is the agent_intro.wav

In this file you need to record the agent introduction message (e.g. "You are now connected to the agent..." )

The file must be recorded in wav format **  and placed in the operator folder with permissions 777


Play the agent name or code

The feature is able to work in two different ways:

  1. play the agent code: the agent's code (numeric) must be written inside a text file called agentusername.txt (e.g. john.doe.txt) and placed into the operator folder with permission 777
  2. play the agent name: the agent name must be recorded in a wav file **, called agentusername.wav (e.g. john.doe.wav) and placed into the operator folder with permission 777

The AGI script will search for the text file and if it is missing, will search for the wav file.

Please note that if the text file is found, the playback of the name will be skipped.


**WAV format

The wav files must be recorder with the following settings:

Bitrate: 16kbs

Sample rate: 8KHz

Audio channels: mono

File extension: wav

Sample files

Use these files to quickly test the feature






Configure the queue application

Once you install the script and placed your wav or txt files into the operator folder, you just need to set the queue application.

If you use the queue application inside an IVR project, edit the QUEUE block and insert the path of the AGI script as follow:




If you use the queue application in a dial-plan




Now you are ready to introduce your agents!