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The IVR time ranges don't work properly


You need to set the correct timezone in your xCally server.

In order to do this,  edit the file /etc/php.ini:

  • Uncomment or add the property date.timezone under the [PHP] section.

date.timezone = "Europe/Rome"
; About php.ini   ;
; PHP's initialization file, generally called php.ini, is responsible for
; configuring many of the aspects of PHP's behavior.
  • Set the right value for the property date.timezone: you can check it on this website (

  • Save the file

  • After updating this file, you have to restart apache (service httpd restart) and agisquare service (service agisquare restart).
service httpd restart
service agisquare restart
Restarting the agisquare service will drop the active calls, so pay attention.