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Call Parking

Use the "Call Parking" to put on hold a call at one location and then picked up from a different location.

Change the voicemail sender address

How to change the default sender address for the voicemail

Chanspy: Notify to the agents that they are being spied

For privacy reasons it is strongly recommended (and also mandatory in many countries) to advice the agent about an incoming whisper and barge-in from any supervisors and generally from any other contact center people

Codec g729 installation guide

A simple guide to install the g729 codec

Create a time slots metric

We want to create a report to group the calls by 3 time slots: from 00 to 08, from 09 to 16 and from 17 to 24.

Create the recordings rating report

We would like to extract the recordings rating in order to create a report.

Customize Music On Hold

Follow below instructions if you want to change the default Music On Hold for Voice calls.

Custom recordings path

How can you define a custom path where  to store the call recordings.

DID elaboration

How to retrieve the DID if the provider sends it inside the SIP header "TO" field.

Disable the Phonebar auto update

If you want to disable the automatic update of the Phonebar you must run directly the Phonebar .exe file. Here the steps for creating a link to it.

Display custom data on Phonebar popup

The xCALLY Phonebar can be customized as regards the popup which appears when a call comes in, according to the Call Center needs and preferences.

Enable Secure Connection

To set xCALLY in the https secure connection go to the Settings -> General -> Secure Connection and select Yes.

Global Variables

How to set a global variable to use into all IVRs within a system

Install AWS Polly

Introduce the agent to the caller before connecting the call

Play the agent name or code to the customer before connecting the call 

Limit Calls on your System

Limit the concurrent calls managed by the system

Move the XCALLY database to a different server

Use external realtime DB on different server

Ngnix configuration and Apache replacement

Phonebar CTI integration

Use your existent custom CRM application and integrate it with the xCally Phonebar.

Phonebar Silent Installation

Install the xCally Phonebar 3.7 without any user interaction

Phone bar SSL

Queue position and holdtime announce

How to announce to the caller his queue position and his estimated holdtime

Save HDD space removing the old logs

If your HDD is almost full, you can remove the old logs data and optimize the MySQL disk utilization.

Tracing calls that crossed a specific IVR block

How to see how many callers have chosen a specific IVR path.

Transfer call report

Add the new fields TransferType and TransferUniqueId to the standard report about the transferred calls.

Update the Asterisk version

Update Asterisk to the release 11.25.1

Using a metric to get the SLA

Calculate your SLA using the metrics

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