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General Settings

In the General section there are some parameters about the xCally Shuttle platform:

  • Name of the Organization which uses it
  • Email reference
  • xCally Shuttle Domain
  • preferred Language
  • Date and Time Format
  • Recording Custom Path
  • Secure Connection, to set XCALLY in the https secure connection. Please see how to Enable Secure Connection correctly
  • Session Timeout, that represents the seconds of inactivity after which the alert of disconnection of the user will be displayed
  • After Call Working, now DEPRECATED. You can define it into the Queues -> Advanced Settings (Smart ACW)
  • you can upload your custom Logo for the Header and the Login Page.
  • Secure password:if set to Yes, the Account password must follow these rules: UpperCase, LowerCase, Number/SpecialChar and min 8 Chars.
  • Show charts: show (if set to Yes) or hide (if set to No) charts in Dashboard and Realtime section.

On the General Settings Tab you can find the SW Update button useful to update the xCALLY version.


Here you can set the default value of some useful parameters, for the entire system:

  • You can enable by default the Call Recordings, choosing the format (.gsm or .wav)
  • Max Preview and Records per page are related to the Analytics - Reports section, about the data disposition in the preview report and in the complete report

  • the Auto Answer Settings:
    • if the Auto Answer is enabled, 
    • the Auto Answer timer
    • if the Auto Answer option is shown to Agents on the Phonebar or not
  • The default SIP type: SIP or WebRTC
  • if the Auto Logoff is enabled or not.

Here you can find info about the Auto Answer and Auto Logoff options.

Socket Settings

Here you can define the information about the Socket Server (the server to which the browsers are connected) and the Socket port.

If you edit these parameters you have to execute the service agisquare restart and service xcally-realtime restart.

Asterisk Manager

Here you can set the Asterisk data (server, port, username and password of the user enabled on that Asterisk machine) and verify if the Asterisk connection is ok by clicking on the Check Connection button.

If you edit these parameters you have to execute the service agisquare restart and service xcally-realtime restart.

Asterisk Network

Here you can manage some advanced Network configuration: it is possible to create a new Localnet (providing the IP Network and Netmask), new Externip (providing the IP Address) and define the STUN Address.

Suppose you have the following network details:
Local net = mask
Public IP address =

asterisk network.png

On Amazon AWS server, you need to configure the Asterisk Network settings

Advanced Settings

This section can be useful to set, for example, the automatic numeration of the SIP that you will create in the SIP section. If you need extensions like ‘1000’ onwards, you can set 1000 as SIP reference value and that number will be incremented every time a new SIP is created.



In order to activate the cronjob, insert the following row in the cronjob list:

in the linux console run the command crontab -e

0 0 * * * wget http://x.x.x.x/cronjob/ (replace x.x.x.x. with the internal xcally server ip address).

Here you can define the time interval of the Automatic Database Backup and the Backup Type (Config only or Config + Logs). In order to enable this feature, you have to set the Cronjob and the Automatic Database Backup properties as Active.

In the History table you can download and delete the backups. If there is not enough free memory on the disk you will see a row containing the Backup error, that means that the backup has not been created. The backups are stored in the var/www/html/files/backup directory


In the Outbound tab you can set the IP Address (or hostname) and the port of the outbound service.

If you edit these parameters you have to execute the service agisquare restart and service xcally-realtime restart.

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