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We are always glad to provide our skilled partners and customers with the possibility to make a bit of custom-tailoring.
Please keep in mind the proper way to do it is to create and upload your custom logos inside the section Settings - General: there you can change the XCALLY GUI Header and Login logos (see please the screenshot here below).


We strongly recommend to avoid any other customizations. Even if some css files and other product GUI files can be editable, we encourage everyone to avoid any modifications inside those files!
The reasons behind that are:

  1. Every XCALLY Software updates will overwrite those files, thus removing all your customization performed inside the css and other files
  2. Most important: if you modify any GUI file - even the simplest ones - the software updates could not work properly: as a result you could get a damaged software version and serious unexpected behaviours.

If you modify any product files, you will do it at your own risk.

We DO NOT provide any kind of warranty or support in case any XCALLY GUI files are edited, modified or damaged.

In case you need to integrate XCALLY with 3rd party applications, please have a look here.

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