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Problem "Access Denied"

A MySQL error occurs when the function "Extract all rows" is used. 


Allow the MySQL user "xcall" to export data into a file in your mysql instance.

Open the SSH console to xCally server and connect to mysql console:

mysql -u root -p(root password)
GRANT FILE ON *.* TO 'xcall'@'localhost' identified by 'xcall1234';
GRANT FILE ON *.* TO 'xcall'@'%' identified by 'xcall1234';

end restart the httpd service

service httpd restart

Problem secure-file-priv option 

The following MySQL error is displayed when you use the extract all rows function:


edit the file /etc/my.cnf and add the folliowng row under [mysqld] section:

secure-file-priv = ""

and restart the mysqld service

service mysqld restart


Stop all the callcenter activities before restarting the MySQL service.