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A system application can be used in IVR to send an email notification whenever an inbound call is received. The following example show a simple IVR where an incoming call is routed to a menu option.

  • In the menu, we insert the name of audio file to be played and we set appropriate values to response timeout, max digit and retry. We need to select a variable that will store the option selected by the caller.

  • System application: The following is a command for sending email using mailx. (To install mailx use “ sudo yum install mailx”)

 echo -e " This is the Body" | mail -s "This is the Subject" -r "<[email protected]>" [email protected]

  •  Body message : " Caller Number: {CALLERID(num)}   Choice: {CHOICE}   Call Time: {CDR(ANSWER)} "
  • Subject : "Caller Info"

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