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 As said before, the information about an Agent can be viewed by clicking on the button Edit in the table row which contains his name. It’s possible to edit the parameters simply by clicking on them, like shown in the image below.

General Settings

Username: Agent’s Username, useful for the login in the xCALLY Shuttle system and xCALLY phone bar.

Password: Agent’s Password, useful for the login in the xCALLY Shuttle system and xCALLY phone bar.

Modules: Dashboard Agent Modules: Realtime, Monitor, Voice Mail, Contacts Management, Tiger Dial (if you use the Tiger Dial Preview mode).

Sip: The SIP associated with the Agent, useful to login into Softphones.

Auto Logoff: Yes|No; to enable the Auto Logoff for the Agent. Yes -> when the agent exits the browser, he/she automatically logs out from the Agent’s interface and also from his/her Queues. No -> the Agent is logged in until he doesn’t perform the Logout action from his Agent’s interface.

Change Caller ID on login: Yes|No; to set the CallerID type. Yes -> CallerID = name of the Agent. No -> CallerID = name of the SIP 

ChanSpy: Yes|No, useful to enable the Chanspy for the Agent.

Disposal web enable: enable/disable the disposal for Tiger Dial calls. If you use Tiger Dial in preview mode, remember to disable this property. 

Call when busy: Yes|No. YES: accept the internal calls when busy. NO: reject the internal calls when busy. Default is YES.


XCALLY Phonebar

Enable CM dial button: if set to Yes, it enables the CM dial buttons to directly perform a dial or blind transfer from the CM contacts tab. See here.

Available on pause: if enabled (not recommended) the agent will receive incoming internal calls when on Pause. Default: 'No'.

Auto Answer: Yes|No; to enable the Auto Answer mode for the Agent.

Auto Answer Timer: When the Auto Answer starts, in milliseconds. If not specified, the Auto Answer will be immediate.

Show Auto Answer: No -> the Agent can't see the Auto Answer option in the Phone bar menu.
Yes -> the Agent can see the Auto Answer option in the Phone bar menu and select it. After you change this parameter, the Phonebar restart is required. 

Show Phonebar Settings: Yes|No; to enable the Settings option in the xCALLY Phone bar Menu.

Login in Pause: Yes|No. Default No. If set to yes, the Agent after the Login is automatically put on Pause status (available from the Phone bar Changelog# and Shuttle Changelog#Version2.4.29)

Protocol: UDP|TCP. Default: UDP. The Phonebar listening protocol; TCP available from the Phone bar Changelog# and Shuttle Changelog#Version2.4.29


Busylight Settings

Here you can enable and configure the properties of the Busylight.

The Busylight can be used only with the XCALLY Phonebar. Please note that you need to restart the phonebar after the editing of these parameters.