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If you would like to edit one of your created Voice Mail, click on the Edit button.

You will find 2 tabs relative to the Voice Mail Settings (General and Advanced) and one tab where you can find the Recorded Messages.

General Settings

Context: from-voicemail

Mailbox name: the Agent’s Username

Password: the Agent’s Password

Full name: the Agent's Full Name

Email: the Agent’s Email.

Advanced Settings

Timezone: define custom timezones.  Pick a Country/City pair which is in the same time zone as your location.

Attach: The audio file of the voicemail message is sent to the user as an attachment in an the e-mail notification message. Yes|No

Envelope: It controls whether or not Asterisk will play the message envelope (date/time) before playing the voicemail message. Yes|No

Delete: Yes: the message will be deleted from the voicemailbox (after having been emailed). Yes|No

Email Body: It overrides the normal message text seen in the body of a voicemail notification message.

Email Subject: It sets the custom Subject: line of the voicemail notification message. The value passed is a string containing the text to put in the Subject line.

Max Seconds: It defines the maximum amount of time in seconds of an incoming message. If is set to 0 there will be no maximum time limit enforced.

Max Messages: It sets the maximum number of messages allowed in a voicemail folder. When a mailbox has more than this number of messages in it, new messages can’t be recorded and vm-mailboxfull is played to the caller. Default: 100, Max: 9999


In this section you can find the list of the Messages, with info relative to the Caller-ID, the Date and the Duration.

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