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The xCALLY Phonebar can be customized as regards the popup which appears when a call comes in, according to the Call Center needs and preferences.In addition to the number of the caller and the name of the queue , the new xCALLY Phone bar can provide Customer additional information stored in the database, as the Name, the phone number, the mobile number, the organization and so on… the Agents can immediately see this caller’s data before answering the phone thanks to the creation of a specific variable called EXTRAVAR
Let’s see how to do this!

Inbound calls

In this example the DB’s table which contains all of this data is called customers:


The Customer’s NameThe Customer’s PhoneThe Customer’s MobileThe Customer’s Organization


The IVR project has the structure shown below. The IVR blocks of interests are the Database and the Set ones.


The Database IVR Block form has to be filled with the Database name and the Query, which finds the Customer data associated to the Calling Number. The result query has to be stored in a variable.


Database: Database’s name

Query: SELECT * FROM customers WHERE phone = ‘{CALLERID(num)}’ OR mobile = ‘{CALLERID(num)}’;

Variable: Variable’s name, for example CUSTOMER

In the Set IVR Block the variable EXTRAVAR represents the data that will be shown on the Agent’s call-popup. In this case, to obtain the result Caller Name – Caller Organization:

Variable: EXTRAVAR

Value: {CUSTOMER[0][name]} – {CUSTOMER[0][organization]}

where name represents the DB field containing the Caller Name and organization the field containing the Caller Organization

Then the IVR structure can be designed according to your needs, with the Queue IVR block which routes the call to the Queue of interest; the Agents associated with this Queue will be advised by a popup as shown below:


Outbound calls (only available with Tiger Dial module)

If you are using the TigerDial module with a queue associated to an outbound process, you can display any customer information previously loaded into the TigerDial list.

The called  contact name is displayed by default on the Phonebar popup.

For example, the contact list include the ORDER number and the ORGANIZATION name of the contact, set as variables on upload. (Create the List)


In the Inbound internal dialplan where you define the internal DID of the outbound queue, add a SET application:

where the AUTODIAL_NAME variable is the name of the contact loaded in the Tiger Dial list.

Now the Phonebar will display:

The called number and name (by default)

The custom variables set into EXTRAVAR (order and organization)


Inform your agents if the called number is related to a new call or a previously scheduled call

We want to check if it is the first time we call a contact, or the customer has already been called previously (and this is the re-scheduling call).

Please refer to Agent Settings and Disposal#DisposalPopup-Phonebar for more information about how to schedule a call


We need to use the following IVR project instead of simply routing the call inside the queue application (see please the dialplan related to the TigerDial process)

Therefore, the call will be sent to this IVR when the customer picks up the call.



Before designing the project, we need to create the database connection and a couple of variables:



Now we can proceed to design our project.

Using the DATABASE block we can retrieve the information about the scheduled time (if any) related to the TigerDial spooler

Query to copy
SELECT planningtime from spooler where id={AUTODIAL_ID_SPOOLER}


Then we set the EXTRAVAR variable


Extravar value


If the call is a scheduled call, the schedule time will be shown into the Phonebar popup as follow:



And now the agents know that they have already talked to that specific customer!