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Follow this checks list if the integration doesn’t work properly 

Check the account connection from xCALLY Shuttle Web Interface

Expected result:


Check the Phonebar version: is minimum required

Open the integration log file (/var/log/xcally-desk.log) and check if the ticket is created or there are some errors


Expected result:


[2015-11-17 17:30:56.040] [DEBUG] desk - client creation to
[2015-11-17 17:30:56.145] [INFO] desk - client created to



Make sure you followed all the configuration steps (


Check if the agent has the permission to use the Telephone integration in (Create a new Integration – Admin)


Check if you can reach the URL that host the Embedded Softphone

 Enter the following URL in the browser:

 (Change X.Y.Z.W with xCALLY Shuttle server IP)


Expected result:

Check if you enable the browser to allow unsafe script loading

If you see the symbol below, click and allow the browser to accept unsafe script.

Check the connection between Phonebar and Embedded Phone in interface

Enter the following URL in the browser (http://localhost:9888/xcally/svc/peer) and check the answer.

Expected result:


You can also check if you are enable to perform a call from the browser

Open the Phonebar and log in as Agent, then type this URL: http://localhost:9888/xcally/svc/originate/600.

You'll listen the echo test sound.

Expected result: