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The Shuttle dashboard shows empty values in all widgets or shows inconsistent values


Clear the browser cache and reload the web page

If the issue persists, checks the socket connection in the Chrome debug console (F12)

The connections errors mean your browser is not able to reach the XCALLY socket ip (the same you use to connect to the web GUI) is not reachable on the port 8888.

Checks the PC firewall and make sure to be enabled to reach the port 8888 of your xCally server.

If the same issue occurs for all agents and users, checks if the xcally-realtime service is up and try to restart it.

In the following example, the service was stopped.

[[email protected] ~]# service xcally-realtime restart
Stopping /var/www/html/server.js:                          [FAILED]
Starting /var/www/html/server.js:                          [  OK  ]

After restarting the service, reload the XCALLY web page

If the issue still persists, you probably have a firewall that block the port 8888 on the connections between the XCALLY server and your agent's computers. 

Here is some useful commands:

Check if the XCALLY server is listening on the port TCP 8888

[[email protected] ~]# netstat -nl |grep 8888
tcp        0      0      *                   LISTEN

Check if the agent's PC is able to reach the port 8888 on the XCALLY server

telnet 8888

The Telnet client on the Windows PC could be disabled. You can enabled in the Windows Control Panel / Programs and Features/ Turn Windows features on or off