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We would like to extract the recordings rating in order to create a report.

Step-by-step guide

Go to the Analytics section:

  1. Add a new metric called "Rating" related to recordings table:


  2. Add a new join:

  3. Create a new report:

  4. Add the columns

  5. And the WHERE clause

Here is the report's query:

SELECT call_log.uniqueid AS "UniqueID", 
call_log.origcalldate AS "Date", 
call_log.origcalltime AS "Time", 
call_log.agent AS "Agent", 
call_log.queuename AS "Queue", 
call_log.callerid AS "CallerID / CalledNR", 
call_log.outboundcall AS "In/Out", 
recordings.rating AS "Rating"
 FROM call_log INNER JOIN recordings ON call_log.uniqueid=recordings.uniqueid  WHERE ( call_log.connect='1'  or call_log.outboundcall='1')
 ORDER BY call_log.uniqueid  


And the result:


In/Out = 0 Inbound Call

In/Out = 1 Outbound Call