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The Processes section is dedicated to managing processes. Let’s see how to create, edit and delete a process.

Create a process

1. Click on the New Process button;
2. Fill the form: type the Name, select the Contact List, the Monitored Queue, the Trunk and the Internal Dialplan Rule, type the Context and the Description. You must define the Asterisk Queue and the Asterisk Context before you create the Process. Important: in the Context you have to define the Asterisk Queue application and the failed extension.
3. Click on Save Changes.

Monitored Queue: specify the Queue you would like the outbound process to monitor in order to generate calls. The algorithm will try to find available agents inside the specified Queue, starting to place calls only if at least one agent is available.

If you select “NO QUEUE”, it means the process will not check any queue and it will start calling independently from any queue status: this is useful in case you want for example route the
outbound calls inside an IVR instead of a queue (i.e. for surveys).

Internal Dialplan Rule: select one of the DID you have previously created inside the section Dialplan -> Inbound -> Internal. Here you define where you would like to route an outbound call as soon as the contact answered the call (for example you would usually like to have a DID with a simple routing inside the Queue, or an IVR).

Here you can find an example of how to create a Process With Queue and a Process Without Queue.

At the end of this procedure you can see a row containing your new process.
Then you can edit or delete it according to your needs, by clicking on Edit or Delete.