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To create an Agent click on the button New Agent and fill the form with the following information:

Username: the Username of the Agent that you want to create, necessary for the Agent’s login.

Name: Agent’s Name. If you want to use the Zendesk Integration, this field must correspond exactly to the Agent’s Name in the Zendesk profile.

Email: Agent’s Email. Password: a password, necessary for the Agent’s login.

SIP Username: the SIP can be associated to the Agent choosing one SIP that already exists in the dropdown menu. If it’s not specified, xCALLY Shuttle automatically creates and associates also a SIP Agent with the same credentials and default parameters, when a new agent is created.

Type: SIP (if the Agent uses external IP Phones or the xCALLY Phone bar) or WebRTC (if the Agent uses the xCally WebRTC interface) or External line (if the Agent uses his own personal phone).

If you select the External line please notice that:

- the username must be the Agent phone number, when you fill in the username field;

- the Ringall strategy will not work, you should choose another kind of strategy;

- the Queue Timeout will not be effective;

- the Agent, to receive calls on his own phone, must be logged into the Shuttle Web Interface, using the username and password credentials which you have to set in this creation form fields.

Voice Mail: Yes -> the Agent will have also his/her Voice Mail account. The account will be automatically created; you can find it in the Voice Mail section.

Auto Logoff: Yes -> when the agent exits the browser, he/she automatically logs out from the Agent’s interface and also from his/her Queues. No -> the Agent is logged in until he doesn’t perform the Log out action from his Agent’s interface.

Module Permissions: the Administrator can give the access to the Realtime and Monitor section to the Agent. Those permissions are useful in case the agents work with external SIP phones.

If Realtime is enabled -> The agent will be able to have a realtime dashboard when they logs-in inside the web interface.

If Monitor is enabled -> The agent will be able to look at their recorded calls when they logs-in inside the web interface.

If Voice Mail is enabled -> The agent will be able to look at the Voice Mail messages when they logs-in inside the web interface.

If Contact Management is enabled [available in the Gold and Platinum plans] -> The agent will be able to look at the Contact List, according to the Contact List settings (see Contacts Management module) and to add customers to the List.

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