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The Contact Management module is available in the xCALLY Gold and Platinum Plan and it is composed by three sections (in the Administrator web interface): Contact List, Contact Custom Fields, Triggers.

The Administrator can:

- create and manage the Contact Lists;

- create and manage the Contacts, with the possibility to add Custom fields, in order to save useful information about the customers, according to specific needs;

- enable the Contact Management module only for some Agents;

- associate the Agents with the Contact List;

- create Triggers, useful to set on which Queue or on which Outbound route the Contact Management module is enabled.

In this way, when a call comes in one of the triggered queues or when the Agent starts a call through the selected Outbound route, the Agent will see an automatic pop-up, in his web GUI, showing the Customer information. The Agents can update it with the new information provided by the active call.

In order to see the Contact Management module behaviour, you have to follow these steps:
- create a Contact List;
- enable the Agents to access to the Contact Management Module and to the created Contact List;
- create a Trigger on the Queue of interest and/or enable the Outbound Trigger for all the outbound calls related to a specified outbound route.