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Here the supervisor can define and create ChanSpy, really useful for the Agent monitoring.

Throguh a ChanSpy he can listen to calls or whisper into a conversation.

For example, you can find in this screenshot three kinds of ChanSpy:

  1. The supervisor can listen and talk to the agent. The customer will not listen to the supervisor voice. 
  2. The supervisor can only listen the agent channel (neither the agent nor the customer will listen to the supervisor voice).
  3. The supervisor can listen and talk both to the agent and to the customer, like a pure 3 way conference room. 

To create a new ChanSpy click on the New ChanSpy button and then specify its Name, a Code, its ChanSpy Options and its Description.

The ChanSpy options are the following:

Through the ChanSpy table you can:

  • Edit a ChanSpy, clicking on Edit
  • Remove a ChanSpy, clicking on Delete

How to use Chanspy

In order to use the Chanspy you have to write into the XCALLY Phone Bar the following structure: [chanspy code][Agent's SIP] and click on the Green button.


Enable the agents to be spied

In the agent settings set the parameter "Chanspy" to YES