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Use the "Call Parking" to put on hold a call at one location and then picked up from a different location. 

How it works

By default, xCally uses the extension 700 to park a call. 

 While in a conversation, the agent puts the caller on hold to initiate the transfer, then dial the extension 700.

xCally will now announce the parking extension, most probably 701 or 702 (by default the extensions for the park lots are 701 to 750) . 

After the transfer has been completed, the agent hangs up the call (the caller will be left on hold), walk up to a different phone, dial 701 and the conversation can be continued. If a caller has been parked for a longer time than the specified time limit then xCally will again ring the originally dialed extension.

Define the inbound routes for the park extension and the park lots


Add a new Internal Inbound Dialplan

DID= 700

Application= CUSTOM

Application Name= Park

Application Parameters= 60000 (timeout in milliseconds)


PARK LOTS (to retrieve the parked call)

Add a new Internal Inbound Dialplan


Application= CUSTOM

Application Name= ParkedCall

Application Parameters= ${EXTEN}