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Call Transfer

When transferring a call to other agents, xCALLY Phonebar offers the following options:

Phone bar Attended transfer

Attended Transfer is used to make contact with the party to whom you are transferring the call before completing the transfer.

To make an attended transfer, please do the following:

1. Answer the incoming call by clicking on the Dial button. The Dial button will turn from green to yellow
2. Place the call on hold by clicking the Dial button again. The Dial button turns blue.
3. Dial the number to which you want to transfer the call, then press ENTER (on the keyboard) to connect.


Make sure to click the Dial button to place the call on hold before typing the number to which you want to transfer the call.

4. When the person to whom you want to transfer the call answers, the Dial button turns yellow again.
5. When the answering party accepts the transfer, right-click on the Dial button. A list of active calls appears.
6. Identify the number for to the first incoming call and select Transfer attended


• If the answering party does not accept the call, select Retrieve to resume the call previously placed on hold
• At any time, agent can right-click on the Dial button and see the current in/out calls list.
• To switch between the two calls, simply select Retrieve on the number you want to handle.


Retrieve is enabled only if there is a call on hold


Phonebar Blind transfer

Enter the number to which you want to transfer the call in the Text Box, and select Transfer from the Menu button.

You do not need to wait for the called destination to accept or reject the call.


Phonebar 3 Way Conference

This allows agents to initiate a conference call (a conversation with 2 more people).


The button is enabled only when an agent is managing at least two current calls, with one of them active.

Conference procedure:

- Place the current call on hold

- Enter the third number you want to add and dial it

- When the third party answers the call, right-click on to the yellow Dial button, select the non-active line, and select Conference in the submenu

- All three participants will able to speak with one another.

Click at least twice on the Hangup button to terminate the conference call.


Phone bar Warm transfer

This feature is available starting from Phone bar version onwards.
Using Warm transfer Agent answers the call, places the caller on hold, dials the new number, gets permission to connect the caller, connects the original caller to the second call via 3-way conference, makes the introductions (thus the 3 persons can talk and listen each other), press the warm transfer, so drops out of the call leaving the caller and the transferred agent to continue talking independent of the agent.

In order to accomplish a Warm transfer, please follow the steps here below:

1. Agent answers the incoming call by clicking on the Dial button. When starting the call, the Dial button changes its status from green to yellow color
2. Click again on the Dial button: agent places a call on hold and the Dial button turns blue
3. Agent dials the number he wants to transfer the call to, then press ENTER to perform the operation


It is important to select the DIAL button in order to hold the call, before dialing the number to which deviating a call


2. When the interlocutor answers, the Dial button resumes its active call status (yellow color) and agent asks if he accepts the call; if so, agent rightclicks on the Dial button. The list of active calls appears. Agent identifies the number corresponding to the first incoming call and selects Conference


3. When ready, agent clicks with the right mouse button on to the yellow call button, spots the Warm Transfer in the option and select it

The caller and transferred agent keep on talking independent of the first agent.