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After the installation of the CTI phone bar ( the Agent can simply login using his credentials.

Dial the extension 600 to listen to the echo test. Here you can find the full guide and video about the CTI Windows Phone bar.

It’s possible also to use Softphone Clients, as X-Lite. In the xCALLY Agents section you can see that every Agent is associated to a SIP:

Under the SIP section you can find the credentials for X-Lite, in particular the SIP name and the Secret. You have to set those parameters in the X-Lite account and specify the Domain.

X-Lite for Windows

X-Lite for Mac

Remember that, if you want to use X-Lite or other Softphone Clients, it’s fundamental that the agent is also logged on the xCALLY Shuttle Web Agent Dashboard, not only on the Softphone!

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