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The Triggers are used to set the behaviour of the call pop-ups, containing the information of the caller, that will be shown to the Agents when a call comes in. Click on the New Trigger button and define the requested fields:

First, choose a Name for the trigger.
Then, trough the Event field, you can decide when the pop-up (dedicated to the actual call, which includes all the relevant fields of the caller) will be created and shown in the xCALLY Agent web interface:

- Ringing: when the phone is ringing, before the agent’s answer
- Up: when the agent picks up the call
- Hang up: when the agent hangs up the call
- Unmanaged call: when the caller has hang up before talking with an agent
- Outbound call: when the agent starts a call

You have also to select the Contact List of interest, from your created list, and to choose for which Queue the Contact Management module is valid.

If you need to apply it on more queues, you have to create one trigger for each queue.