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CM Agent web Interface

The Agent can access to the Contact Management module only if the Administrator has given him the permission (Agents -> General settings).
The Agent will see only the the Contact Lists assigned by the Administrator  where he can add, update and call the contacts using the Call button.

When a call comes in one of the Triggered Queues or when the Agent starts a call, and the Outbound trigger has been created, an automatic pop-up will be shown in the Agent web interface.


If the caller is not present in the Contact List, the Agent will see the New Contact pop-up.
Here he can already find some basic information, like the phone number, and he can add other data, also comments, filling the Contact fields and clicking on Save Changes.

If the caller is already a contact, the pop-up will show his Contact Details page.
The Agent can add and update the data (also the created Custom Fields) and see the Contact Call History.

Phonebar Click to Call Integration

You can let you Agents to call CM contacts, using the XCALLY Phonebar, just clicking on the phone number as shown below:

The Agent can perform a Call or a Blind Transfer

To enable this feature, please go under Agents Settings -> xCally Phonebar tab and set Enable CM dial button as Yes.

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