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This kind of IVR Applications is used to dispatch calls to different agent queues. For example your call center provides different services:

·       Press 1 if you want billing informations

·       Press 2 if you want to check your order status

·       Press 3 for general inquiry

The application has to collect the choice from the customer so to route the call to the appropriate queue.

In the picture below you can see a tree example:

Auto Attendant

Analyzing the Tree you may notice when a call gets into the system it performs the following steps:

·       The Start box initializes the call flow

·       The Answer Box answers the voice channel

·       The Menu Box plays the message according to the option menu

·       If the customer makes a valid choice, the Appllication routes the flow to one of the GoTo boxes

·       The GoTo Boxes contain the context name to which the call will be routed

In the following picture you can see how the menu box can to be configured, in order to make the application working as described.

Auto attendant menu

The GoTo box routes the call to the RR-BILLING context. In this context you can call a queue, embed a new IVR, route the call to a fixed extension, or proceed in your Asterisk dialplan as you prefer.

In the following picture you can see how the GoTo box has to be configured in order to make the system working as described.


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