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Voicemail name must be the same of the sip name (e.g. john.doe).
The voicemail password must be numeric (e.g. 0000).

Access to voicemail can be handled by using ivr script and a custom application (VoiceMailMain).
You need to set two different dial plans:

  • An internal DID that need to execute the custom application (VoiceMailMain). The application VoiceMailMain allows you to manage the voicemail messages.
  • An external DID to access to the ivr script. The ivr asks the voicemail extension you want to check and performs the query to xcally db to retrieve the voicemail name (sip name). Then the call goes to the internal dialplan to execute the VoiceMailMain application.


Add two channel variables: VM_EXT and VM_USER

Set the DB connection

Upload the audio file

Release note

From xCally Shuttle release 2.4.21, you can use the new CustomApp IVR block instead the DialPlan.

Design (Shuttle release up to 2.4.20)

Design (Shuttle release 2.4.21 or above)**

Block details
GetDigit block settings

Database block settings

GoTo block settings

Where *1000 is the DID of internal dial plan we use to execute the VoiceMailMain application

**CustomApp block settings

The external inbound dialplan
Add an external inbound dial-plan and set a DID you want to use to check the voicemail boxes

In the advanced settings add the cally square project

The internal inbound dialplan
Add an internal inbound dial plan and set the DID *1000 (or the same you use in the GOTO block).

In the advanced settings add a Custom Application:
Application name: VoiceMailMain
Params: ${VM_USER[0][name]}@from-voicemail

Your remote access to check the voicemails is ready!




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