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xCALLY Shuttle provides seamless CTI integrations with 3rd party app.

Key benefits are really able to provides your customer care agents a Unified Agent Desktop experience, together with:

  • Push CTI technology for automatic Ticket/Case creation each time an Agent receive a call 
  • Trigger configuration to select with Asterisk Shuttle Queue are involved in the automatic Ticket pop-ups and which Events engage it: before answering, after answering or after a call hangup 
  • It WORKS either with EVERY KIND OF SIP PHONES registered on the Asterisk xCally Shuttle PBX, or the xCally phone bar, or the WebRTC client 
  • Great VoIP quality 
  • Great flexibility: use your own SIP trunk with your local providers or on the cloud according to your needs 
  • Totally Asterisk Realtime technology based 
  • Call Recordings option available 
  • IVR enabled: Cally Square drag and drop IVR totally integrated 
  • Simple and fast xCALLY Shuttle installer 
  • Many other nice benefits included



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