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XCALLY Motion V2 upgraded to Motion V3!

XCALLY MOTION V3 represents a major upgrade in software development that focuses on:

  • increasing code quality and reliability
  • improving problem reporting, system logging and the development experience
  • unlocking the development of new features

XCALLY MOTION V3 has its dedicated wiki where you can find out all details and features

Why is it important to switch to XCALLY Motion V3?

New features will be added only to V3 and later versions.

Since April 2023, only XCALLY Motion V3.X and later versions will be updated and will receive bug fixing updates. 

XCALLY Motion V2 is nearing the end of support.
March 31, 2023 is the last day we will offer free technical support. After that, we will provide the support service with additional charge.

You can still work with Motion V2 (without updates nor support) but
V2 Installer is no longer available.

Plan your server migration to new XCALLY Motion V3!

Login with your Jira Account and check the advanced documentation to migrate from V2 to V3.

Explore Data Migration documentation:

 Please refer to this page if you use an external database:

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