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Motion V.1: December 2018 Note

**  Motion V.1 Version is EOL and deprecated starting from January 1st 2019 and will not be further supported.

You are free to keep on using Motion V.1, even after the deadline, however you will do it at your own risk. XCALLY will not provide any further kind of warranty or support on it.

We strongly recommend any customers still using Motion V.1 to contact [email protected] in order to evaluate a software migration to Motion V.2 (GDPR compliant version and many scalability benefits included).

Motion V.1: April 2018 Note

* Motion V.1 Version is EOS from April 1st 2018 and will not be further developed. 

We suggest our Motion V.1 customers to contact [email protected] in order to evaluate a software migration to Motion V.2 (GDPR compliant version).

For more contents please Log in using your credentials.

Thank you for choosing XCALLY MOTION, one of the first Omni Channel solution integrated with AsteriskTM and the most innovative real time solutions available on the market.

Motion provides multiple channel management with a unique integrated system, thus allowing the following benefits:

  • The customer care agents could manage several channel interactions according to their SKILLS
  • The supervisors can access to the interaction history in the Contact Management module, being able to analyze the entire Customer Journey.
  • Real Time Dashboards are Multi-Channels.
  • Analytics are Multi-Channels.
  • The Routing logic can be configured per each channel according to effective strategies: for example the web chat messages can be routed inside a Queue (group of agents) for 30 seconds, than to a secondary Queue (another group of agents) after 60 seconds, or to some specific agents, etc... etc... The same for Email, SMS and further channels we are going to add inside the solution.
  • Triggers and Automations can be configured to design effective event driven or automatic behaviors.

What more?

Omni channel is really cool, however Motion provides more amazing new features, like the following ones:

  • Custom Dashboards: besides the standard real time dashboards, you are now able to create your own custom dashboards!
  • Bulk agent creation: speed-up your setup in case you need to create many agents quickly
  • Optimized Analytics: reports have been improved to provide even better experiences to your customer care managers
  • JScripty: the advanced Drag and Drop Scripting tools for your call center surveys
  • Marketplace: a new set of optimized integrations with 3rd party applications (i.e. Zendesk, Salesforce and more...)
  • API: a new full set of RESTful interface to interact with XCALLY Motion
  • Optimized Phone bar: the new Omni channel client application for your agents
  • Dialer: the Tiger Dial optimized dialer for Motion
  • Mobile App: the XCALLY Motion phone bar for Android
  • Open Channel: do you need to add your own favorite channel? It's easy with our Open Channel API!

This is all quite cool... So where and how to begin?

It's important you play with the solution, starting form the installation procedure and initial checks (see please here) moving then to the detailed omni channel and optional module configurations here available.

Here you can find the XCALLY Motion documentation, the new xCALLY release focused on Omni Channel: Voice, Chat, E-Mail, SMS and Fax

The solution provides also powerful advanced modules: customizable Dashboards, Contacts Manager, Cally Square IVR designer tool, JScripty (the scripting tool for your surveys) and more coming up.

In this guide you can find all the steps needed to configure and use the product: how-to and troubleshooting topics, examples of working configurations.

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