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Sometimes it can happens that a call gets stuck because of very particular situations (i.e. the agent computer crashed, the connection went to some particular critical situation, etc... etc...)


  1. ssh your XCALLY server
  2. Launch the following commands:
    1. asterisk -r
    2. channel request hangup SIP/agent1 (substitute the agent1 with the name of your agent and DO not press ENTER!)

    3. Before pressing enter use your TAB key in order to complete the command... i.e. you could get something like this:

    4. channel request hangup SIP/agent1-00024f (now you can press ENTER)

    5. check that the channel is not more active, using the command core show channels

    6. exit

Please note you need to hangup the active channel...
Thus the above syntax must be channel request hangup SIP/agent-name-channel-codification (not simply channel request hangup SIP/agent-name)